Learn How To Claim Your Colorado Home Warranty

Warranty Claims Learn How To Claim Your Colorado Home Warranty

Get Help Claiming a Colorado Home Warranty in a Few Simple Steps

Everyone likes to feel secure in their home, and that’s why many people choose to purchase home warranties. DoNotPay can help you claim any home warranty in Colorado with a few clicks. Home warranties aren’t the only warranties we help with—you can use DoNotPay to claim any manufacturer warranty, car warranty, and extended warranty for used cars.

How To Claim a Colorado Home Warranty

The process of claiming your Colorado home warranty will depend on the company’s rules. You can find the details about claiming a warranty from the top five companies in Colorado in the table below:

Home Warranty CompanyHow To Claim the Warranty

Choice Home Warranty

  • Contact an agent at 1-888-531-5403
  • Sign up to DoNotPay and submit a claim

Amazon Home Warranty

  • Call 844-996-0624 and request service
  • File a claim with DoNotPay

American Home Shield

  • Request service online
  • Rely on DoNotPay

AFC Home Club

  • Call 1-855-613-4555 and request service
  • Go to the official website and submit an online service request
  • Use DoNotPay

Liberty Home Guard

  • Call 866-225-7958 to request service
  • Have DoNotPay do it on your behalf

The Easy Way To Claim Your Colorado Home Warranty—DoNotPay

DoNotPay created the Claim Warranty feature because we wanted to make sure that our users are protected in the best way. Most companies don’t make it easy for their customers to claim warranties. They prolong the cases and make claiming warranties a time- and energy-consuming process.

With DoNotPay, you can claim any home warranty in under five minutes and without leaving your home or having long conversations over the phone. You can claim your home warranty quickly by opening our platform in any web browser and following these steps:

  1. Find the Claim Warranty feature
  2. Select Home Warranty
  3. Give us detailed information about your home warranty providers and issues you’re experiencing
  4. Click on Submit My Claim

After you complete this process, DoNotPay will create a warranty claim letter and send it to the company. The service provider will contact you directly regarding the maintenance appointment.

You Can Appeal a Rejected Warranty Claim With DoNotPay’s Help

Companies often deny first-time warranty claims in hopes of customers dropping the case. They do this so they wouldn’t have to spend resources on you.

You shouldn’t give up your warranty claim. You should join forces with DoNotPay and file an appeal. 

Here’s how you can file an appeal with the help of DoNotPay:

  1. Find the Claim Warranty product
  2. Click on Appeal a Denied Warranty Claim
  3. Specify which kind of service provider you’re appealing against—in this case, that would be an Extended Warranty Provider
  4. Include your original warranty claim in your appeal and provide details about the company
  5. Hit Submit

We will generate an appeal letter on your behalf and send it to the vendor automatically. After they receive your appeal, they will contact you directly.

If You’re Having Administrative Issues, DoNotPay Will Solve Them for You

When it comes to issues with warranty claims, our platform is a true expert in helping our users claim theirs. 

We can help with dealers who refuse to cancel extended warranties but also with choosing the best home warranty in America if you’re planning to switch companies. Check out our home warranty reviews to find the most suitable home warranty company for you.

Dealing with warranty claims isn’t all DoNotPay can do! There’s a sea of features created to make our users’ lives easier. If you live in Colorado, you’re in for a treat—DoNotPay can help you locate unclaimed money in Colorado, find the best clinical trials in Denver, pass your Colorado driving test with flying colors, avoid Denver parking tickets, cancel The Denver Post, and much more.

Open our app in any web browser, and check out what else we can do for you. We offer help with:

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