Do You Need a Colombia Tourist Visa as a U.S. Citizen?

Tourist Visa Guide Do You Need a Colombia Tourist Visa as a U.S. Citizen?

Find Out Whether You Need a Colombia Tourist Visa Before Your Next Vacation

Colombian coffee, nightlife, and street art are like nowhere else, and you’re one tourist visa away from experiencing it first-hand—or are you? A Colombia tourist visa application can be a hassle to complete, but you might not have to! DoNotPay explains all you need to enter Colombia with no issues!

Colombia Tourist Visa—Do U.S. Citizens Need It?

No, U.S. citizens do not need a tourist visa to enter Columbia as long as they stay fewer than 90 days per entry and 180 days per year. Check the following table to find out what paperwork you do need to enter Colombia:

  1. Your passport, valid for at least six months after your estimated entry date
  2. The address of your temporary residence in Colombia
  3. Your return or onward ticket
No, but they might be helpful throughout your stay
  1. Your student ID if you have one
  2. Medical insurance
  3. Your driver’s license
  4. Photocopies of your:
    • Passport
    • Credit cards
    • Medical insurance
    • ID

If you need to stay longer than 90 days in Colombia, you can request an extension of up to 90 days. If you fail to extend your stay in time, you will receive a fine and will not be able to leave Colombia until you pay.

When departing Colombia, you might need to pay an exit tax of COP 80,000 (around $20), but tourists staying fewer than 30 days are exempt from this fee.

Does Colombia Impose COVID-19 Restrictions?

No. You can enter Colombia without testing negative for COVID-19. All you need to do is complete the Check-Mig registration form 24 hours before your flight. You should still inquire with the Embassy of Colombia about entrance requirements before your trip as they are subject to change.

Who Can You Contact if You Have Any Questions?

If you have any concerns about your trip to Colombia, you can contact the Embassy of Colombia or any of the 12 consulates using the information from the table below:

Diplomatic MissionPhone NumberEmail
Embassy of
Consulado de Colombia en Washington
Consulado de Colombia en
Consulado de Colombia en
Consulado de Colombia en Chicago
  • 1-312-923-1196
  • 1-312-923-9034
  • 1-312-923-9035
Consulado de Colombia en
Consulado de Colombia en Los Á
Consulado de Colombia en
Consulado de Colombia en
Consulado de Colombia en Nueva
Consulado de Colombia en San Francisco
  • 415-495-7195
  • 415-495-7196
Consulado de Colombia en
Consulado de Colombia en San Juan
  • 1-787-754-6885
  • 1-787-754-1675

What You Should Know Before Traveling to Colombia

The U.S. Department of State—Bureau of Consular Affairs advises tourists against traveling to Colombia for the following reasons:

  • Massive COVID-19 outbreak
  • High levels of criminal activity such as:
    • Kidnapping
    • Drug trafficking
    • Robberies
  • Civil unrest

You should contact the Embassy of Colombia to inquire about any security concerns you have before you depart.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Colombia

Before you depart to Colombia, keep in mind that:

  • You can bargain for lower prices at small markets and shops, but don’t push it
  • Colombians don’t like being stereotyped as drug traffickers or compared to other Latin American natives
  • Natives will frown upon you and avoid you if you make jokes about cocaine, guerrillas, or Pablo Escobar
  • It is almost certain that you will be robbed if you flash money or other expensive objects in the street
  • Colombians love to dance, so if they invite you to the dancefloor, don’t reject the invite as they might take it as an insult
  • Locals might often offer you a shot of their homemade spirit as a friendly gesture and an attempt at bonding
  • Louder settings are standard in Colombia
  • You should use an app or ask the hotel/accommodation service to order a taxi for you, rather than hail one

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