How to Avoid Coinmama Fees Easily

Do Not Pay Coinmama Fees

Cryptocurrency platforms are known for high transaction charges. Coinmama is no exception as its transaction fees are very high. Transaction charges might not look like much from a single transaction, but they pile up, and after some time, you will realize that you are losing a lot of money in the process.

Coinmama can also fail to pay you your profits due to negligence, or they simply can't. This might happen since the blockchain network is not government-regulated. But did you know you could avoid and appeal your Coinmama fees?

However, appealing for your  can be a hurdle for you because blockchain has not been regulated, and the process it takes to get your appeal honored finally. DoNotPay, however, can help you appeal your Coinmama fees, saving you the time and hustle you would have to go through.

How to Avoid High Transaction Fees on Coinmama on Your Own

If you've been considering using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin but are concerned about significant transaction costs, worry no longer. You can avoid  by taking a few simple measures.

  1. Making Withdrawals in Multiple Batches

The amount of transactions you submit into the restricted space allowed on Bitcoin's blockchain is referred to as batching. Combining multiple payments into a single transaction saves time and money.

Batching, in essence, allows you to minimize your per-transaction charge by combining many transactions into a single transaction. And adhering to this policy keeps transaction costs low.

  1. Wait for the Network to Ease Up Before Making Withdrawals

The blockchain becomes congested during peak times. You can expect to pay more significant processing fees when the network handles the highest transaction volumes. You can avoid this by delaying your charge submission.

When companies are closed, fewer transactions are submitted on weekends, and the blockchain is less clogged. If you don't want to wait until the weekend, you can complete your transactions at night when the blockchain has more space. The longer you're willing to wait, the less traffic you'll face - and the lesser your transaction fees will be.

  1. Fill In a Custom Fee

All digital currencies are routed to the mempool, where they await confirmation by miners.

Cryptocurrency transactions rely heavily on transaction fees paid by miners for confirmation. Those with greater fees, on the other hand, are processed swiftly. If your transaction isn't time-sensitive, you can manually enter a lower value than the current market rate.

You can control your transaction from afar by lowering your fee below the standards set. The trade-off is that the process is slower. This may appear to be a risk, and it is, but the great news is that some transfers are confirmed quicker than expected. Furthermore, if the confirmation time exceeds your expectations, you can always increase your charge to expedite the transaction.

  1. Check Out the Blockchain Mempool

If you look at the blockchain Mempool, you can find a variety of websites that show the fees that others have paid to have transactions validated. This provides you with a priority estimate, which might help you determine how much you're willing to pay to reach your deadline. You can also see when mining is moving swiftly.

How Much Does Coinmama Charge per Transaction?

Coinmama charges are based on the following:

Buy TransactionsCoinmama imposes a fee in addition to the charge for purchase transactions, which differ based on your commitment level.
Commission for Loyalty
  1. 3.90 % for curious loyalty.
  2. 3.41 % if you are enthusiastic.
  3. 2.93 % for believers.

There may be extra charges if the cost is held until Coinmama receives payment. You'll be charged  5% more during withdrawal if your payment method involves a capped rate.

Sell TransactionsCoinmama charges a commission in addition to the rate for sales, which is determined by your commitment level.
Commission for Loyalty
  1. 3.90 % if you are curious.
  2. 3.41 % if you are enthusiastic.
  3. 2.93 % for believers.

How to Appeal Coinmama Fees Using DoNotPay

Here's how you can use DoNotPay to appeal fees:

1. Search "appeal fees" on DoNotPay, choose the Fight and Waive Fees product, and select the type of fee you want to appeal.


2. Select the merchant you want to appeal fees for and enter the details of your transaction, including an associated account if you have one.


3. Submit your case! DoNotPay will generate the best argument for your case and make sure your fee waiver request gets sent to the merchant for processing.


Why Use DoNotPay to Appeal Coinmama Fees

  •  Fast - You don't have to spend hours trying to appeal Coinmama fees on your own.
  •  Accessible - you don't have to struggle to fill out tedious forms or keep track of all the steps involved in appealing your Coinmama fees.
  •  Successful - You can rest assured knowing we'll make the best case for you.

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