Create a Cohabitation Agreement in a Few Easy Steps

Standardized Legal Documents Create a Cohabitation Agreement in a Few Easy Steps

Is a Cohabitation Agreement a Good Idea?

Did you know that, according to Census, there are 17 million unmarried couples in the USA living together? While marriage is a social institution regulated by various laws, cohabitation is a unity that can’t protect the rights of its members unless it’s determined by a specific document. 

Whether you and your partner are planning to move in together without getting married, or you want to know more about a cohabitation agreement in general, we got you covered! Besides learning the ins and outs of writing a valid contract, you will find out how to get a perfectly drafted legal document in only a few clicks! 

Cohabitation Agreements in a Nutshell

A cohabitation agreement is a special contract between two people who are in a relationship regardless of whether they live together or not. Bearing in mind that non-marital cohabitation isn’t legally regulated like marriage, unmarried couples need a document stipulating their rights and responsibilities within the union. 

Partners sign this agreement to protect their interests and rights in the case of conflicts, separation, or death of the other party. Cohabitation contracts must be precise and define the expectations and conditions of both union members. The nature of these documents is often financial, which means they usually specify the rules regarding mutual funds, property, or debts.

When Do You Need a Cohabitation Agreement?

There are many reasons for introducing a cohabitation agreement in your non-marital union, but you may find it most helpful in the situations described in the table below:


Buying a house or property together

If you and your partner are planning to purchase a home even though you aren’t married, this agreement will regulate the ownership and financial terms. It specifies the property division rules if you break up 

Buying a house or property with your inheritance money

You can sign a cohabitation agreement if you want to buy a property with the money you got from your deceased family members. The document will state that you were the one who paid for the house

Buying a property by getting a loan

If you get a loan to buy real estate, the contract will protect you as the rightful owner of the property and stipulate the repayment method

Ensuring that your property will be divided rightfully in the case of death

This can be a practical solution for older unmarried couples who want to make sure their money and possessions will be appropriately distributed after their death

Cohabitation agreements are also recommendable if you are:

  • A person who doesn’t believe in marriage as a social institution
  • Someone who wants to avoid any expensive litigation and court proceedings in the case of a breakup

What Does a Cohabitation Agreement Need To Cover?

Unlike many other contracts, cohabitation agreements should be written in straightforward and comprehensible language. Composing the document without many complicated expressions or legal terms will make it easier for both parties to understand the rules and avoid misinterpretations. 

You can decide on how many details you wish to include in your agreement, but the recommendable information and sections are:

  1. Names of the union members
  2. Start date of the contract
  3. Short description of the agreement purpose
  4. Terms related to property distribution, including the property accumulated before and during the relationship
  5. General and household expenses, such as whether the debts and expenses are shared, and if not, who pays for them
  6. Financial support
  7. Health care insurance responsibilities
  8. Terms related to separation or death
  9. Dispute resolution
  10. Termination or modifications of the agreement
  11. Signatures of both parties and witnesses if necessary

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