How To Get Cobb County Property Tax Exemptions

Learn Everything About Cobb County Property Tax Exemptions

If you are a Georgia resident, you should learn more about the possible ways of lowering your property taxes. In Cobb County, property tax exemptions are one of the popular options for reducing these expenses. DoNotPay can let you know if you meet the criteria and help you file property tax appeals if needed!

What You Need To Know About Property Tax

The amount of money that homeowners give to the state each year for owning property is called property tax. These taxes vary across the states and counties, but they are all based on the same factors. The sum you ought to set aside for owning a house is affected by the property’s age, size, type, and location.

The property tax assessor will take all those factors into account when they come to appraise your home. They will also look at the neighborhood and the land surrounding your house.

Taxes are necessary because they make state institutions function by funding:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Law enforcement

How Do You Calculate Property Tax?

To calculate property tax, you will need to know your county's property tax rate, the assessed value of your property, and possible property tax exemptions you qualify for. Multiply the property tax rate with the assessed value of your property, and you will end up with your tax bill. If you are eligible for a tax exemption, that also needs to be considered.

What Cobb County Property Tax Exemptions Are Available?

States look for ways to help the less fortunate with paying their property taxes. This generally involves exempting veterans, widows, senior citizens, and disabled persons from paying a portion of their property taxes. Check out the table below to see property tax exemption options in Cobb County:

Property Tax Exemption


Basic Homestead$10,000 exemption in the school general and county general tax categories
School Tax (Age 62)Total exemption for people who are 62 or older in the school general and school bond tax categories
State Senior (Age 65)$4,000 exemption in the state, county bond, and fire district tax categories for persons who are 65 or older. Their annual income shouldn’t exceed $10,000
State Person With DisabilityA $22,000 exemption in all tax categories except the state tax. The applicant needs to be disabled and have an income that is not over $12,000
State Veteran's DisabilityExemption available in all categories. The individual needs to have 100% service-connected disability or be compensated at 100% because they cannot be employed
State Surviving SpouseExemption available in all categories. A person should be an unremarried widow of a member of the U. S. armed forces killed in any war and getting spousal benefits from the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs
State Surviving Spouse of a Firefighter or a Peace Officer Killed on DutyThe individual needs to be an unremarried surviving spouse of a firefighter or a peace officer who died in the line of duty

For each of these exemptions, you’ll need to provide appropriate documentation as proof of your situation.

Can You Get a Cobb County Property Tax Exemption? Find Out With DoNotPay!

If you are looking for an easy way to find out whether you meet the Cobb County property tax exemption criteria, you should use DoNotPay! Our app will let you know if you can apply for any of the available options for lowering property tax in a matter of minutes.

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Your virtual assistant will generate you a guide to property tax reductions. We will also make sure you know what documents you need to gather and how to submit your applications.

If you wish to know more about states with low property taxes, you can check out our guides for:

Lower Your Property Taxes by Appealing Assessments With DoNotPay

You may use DoNotPay to appeal past property tax assessments and reduce property tax costs this way. The procedure is simple:

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  2. Find the Property Tax feature

Your virtual assistant will help you gather evidence to lower the dwelling’s assessed value and let you know what to say to the assessor to help out your case.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Property Taxes on Time?

Property taxes ought to be paid on time, and if you are late with these payments, it may not end well for your property. The smartest move is to explain your situation to authorities. If you have a valid reason for being late, they might let you extend the time to pay these taxes. If no such excuse is available, you could lose your home.

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