CloudConvert Reviews: Pricing, Features, & Best Alternatives

File Converter CloudConvert Reviews: Pricing, Features, & Best Alternatives

Everything You Need to Know About CloudConvert Before Using It

CloudConvert is a document manipulation services platform founded in 2012 with the goal of becoming a one-stop center for all file management needs. The company provides file manipulation services such as the modification of particular elements of a file like the resolution of images, size of documents, and even the type of document.

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What is CloudConvert?

CloudConvert is a multipurpose file manipulation service for businesses of all sizes. The company provides its services online and through downloadable software, allowing users to modify their documents remotely.

The platform supports more than 200 file types, including

  • Audio
  • Archive
  • Document
  • E-Book
  • Image
  • Presentation
  • Video
  • Spreadsheet

Most of the file formats supported on CloudConvert have advanced settings and allow you to adjust custom settings.

You can find many CloudConvert reviews for your additional information. You can also contact CloudConvert for any questions you may have through their Contact Us page.

How Does CloudConvert Work?

CloudConvert is dedicated to offering quality solutions to your file conversion needs and supports nearly all document types. The company offers the following services:

  • Conversion of documents
  • Optimization of documents
  • Creation of document archives
  • Capturing websites
  • Merging files

You can modify documents using CloudConvert in the following steps:

  • Go to CloudConvert homepage
  • Choose the 'Select File' option, which allows you to select the file you wish to modify
  • Choose the file type you wish to convert your file by going through the different types on the 'Convert to' options
  • You can adjust your conversion options by selecting the spanner icon next to the 'Convert to' option before converting your file
  • If you are satisfied with the conversion settings, click 'Convert'
  • The file will be processed, and you can now download the converted file

CloudConvert offers conversion services through standard CloudConvert tools or their optimized APIs for any file modification needs. The company offers flexible APIs, fitted with enhancing features, making them suitable for unique user needs.

Is CloudConvert Safe?

CloudConvert is safe and reliable because all transmissions are encrypted by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The platform also prioritizes data security through a comprehensive security program that consists of technical and organizational security measures.

CloudConvert implements the Trust Services Principles (TSP) of availability, security, confidentiality, processing integrity, and privacy through the following:

1. Certified Data Centers

The company only relies on trusted cloud service providers with proven security standards. All CloudConvert's cloud providers and data centers are ISO 27001 certified, with their servers hosted in Germany. 

2. Data Isolation

CloudConvert prioritizes data isolation, ensuring that every conversion is processed in a separate container. The company applies data isolation with high standards, such that even the CloudConvert team cannot access any files except through a manual request.

3. Storage Security

The files modified through CloudConvert are only stored for processing and are deleted immediately after the conversion. To protect user data, CloudConvert does not provide permanent storage from its servers but instead integrates its infrastructure with the user's existing trusted storage systems.

4. Scalability

CloudConvert implements an infrastructure that scales automatically, depending on the current document load. Every customer uses separate resources, meaning that one customer's load cannot affect the resource capability of other customers.

5. Network Security

CloudConvert secures all transfers through SSL encryption. The company uses the latest ciphers to encrypt data going through its servers and is constantly monitored and protected by reliable firewalls.

6. Access Control

Access to CloudConvert's web interface is regulated by access rights and two-factor authentication for maximum security. In addition, CloudConvert logs all access and provides detailed activity logs which customers can review.

7. Organizational Principles

All CloudConvert staff undergo training on how to handle user data with expertise. In addition to the initial training, CloudConvert conducts regular security training to improve the security expertise of the staff.

8. Development Principles

The CloudConvert software development team is guided by principles demanding they write secure code for all infrastructure developed. The development team strives to create reliable software solutions to handle large data loads.

How Much Is CloudConvert?  

CloudConvert offers free limited access and unlimited conversions through flexible payment options, allowing both team and single-use.

The different packages available to CloudConvert users include

Free Limited CloudConvert

You can use a limited version of CloudConvert for free without logging in or even creating an account. The limited version is only available as an online tool with a limit of up to 25 file conversions a day.


CloudConvert packages are one-time payments for several conversion minutes with no expiration date. A conversion minute is the number of minutes a conversion takes.

You can purchase a minimum of 500 conversion minutes for $8.00.


Subscriptions are a monthly charge for a fixed amount of conversion minutes. The minutes purchased through a subscription are 50% cheaper than packages and are valid for the duration of the subscription.

The lowest subscription starts from $8.00 for 1000 monthly conversion minutes.

CloudConvert accepts payment through all major credit cards, i.e.,  Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

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