How To Find Clinical Trials for Liver Cancer

Clinical Trials How To Find Clinical Trials for Liver Cancer

Find the Best Clinical Trials for Liver Cancer Effortlessly 

Close to a million people worldwide are diagnosed with liver cancer each year. Liver cancer, or hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), is the fifth most common type of cancer, and it is the leading cancer-related cause of death in the world.

Similar to other types of cancer, the treatment and prognosis of this disease depend on the specifics of cancer histology, size, and how far it has spread. The best treatments, and only chances of curing HCC, are surgical resection and liver transplantation. Unfortunately, they have limited use since only about 5% of patients are suitable for transplantation.

Doctors are looking for new and better treatments for patients with HCC, and they do this by conducting clinical trials. DoNotPay can help you find clinical trials for liver cancer and show you how to participate in them.

Clinical Trials for Liver Cancer Patients

Researchers use medical surveys to expand their knowledge of certain diseases, and they use clinical trials to find better treatments for them. 

Clinical trials test new drugs on human subjects to determine if they are efficient and safe. Subjects in these studies are either liver cancer patients or healthy volunteers. This type of study should:

  • Evaluate new drugs, treatments, and strategies in treating liver cancer
  • Find new approaches to radiation therapy or surgery
  • Explore different combinations of treatments

Clinical trials deal with all types and stages of liver cancer, and their number increased in the past years due to the lack of stable treatments.

How Can You Benefit From Participating in Liver Cancer Clinical Trials?

There are numerous reasons to participate in clinical trials. For some people, it is a way to contribute to science and help other patients. For others, it may be the last ray of hope—that is why patients often ignore the potential risks accompanying clinical trials. Here are some of the benefits of participating in clinical trials:

  • Getting the chance to be treated with a new drug not available to the public
  • Medical centers provide the best health care during and after the trial
  • Contributing the science and helping in the development of new treatments
  • Playing an active role in your health
  • More frequent check-ups with top-notch medical professionals

If that’s not enough, some clinical trials offer payments for healthy volunteers that can range from $10 to up to $10,000.

What Are the Disadvantages of Participation?

When it comes to participation in clinical trials, your safety should be a priority. Researchers follow a strict protocol, phases of the trial are strictly monitored, and you must sign an informed consent. You should bear in mind that mishaps can still occur and that you may not get what was promised by researchers. 

Here are some disadvantages of clinical trials that you should consider:

  • The new drug may not have the desired effect on you
  • You may get the placebo instead of the active drug
  • You may experience some unpleasant to severe side effects
  • You may feel the effects long after the trial ends
  • There may be no compensation for volunteering

What Are the Requirements for Participation in Clinical Trials?

Set of requirements, or eligibility criteria, are a standard part of the clinical trial protocol. Participants must meet said requirements to enroll in a clinical study. Several requirements appear in almost every clinical trial:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Condition
  4. Medical history

Researchers may have additional requirements, varying from study to study. They often include additional questions about your condition like the type and stage of cancer and previous treatments or lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking.

When you decide to participate in a clinical and sign an informed consent, you agree to take certain responsibilities upon yourself, such as to:

  • Respect researchers, medical staff, and other patients
  • Weigh benefits and risks before applying for a research
  • Show up for scheduled appointments
  • Follow directions for proper use, dosing, and storage of the medication, providing samples and preparing for tests
  • Report any problem and symptom you may experience during a study
  • Keep the information about ongoing study confidential
  • Follow the withdrawal procedure if you decide to leave the trial

Following these rules is essential since the inadequate behavior of just one participant can make the whole study go awry.

DoNotPay Offers an Easy Way of Finding Clinical Trials for Liver Cancer Patients 

DoNotPay has various fantastic features that can help you find the best clinical trial near you. It is the only platform that enables users to sort the studies by estimated location, compensation, and posting date. Our customized matching algorithm and a quick questionnaire will match you with the right clinical trial in no time

The process is simple—open DoNotPay in your web browser, and follow these steps:

  1. Click Clinical Trials
  2. Click Get Started
  3. Set up necessary filters
  4. Select the study you like
  5. Click Contact Now

We will send an email to researchers to improve your chances of enrollment! 

When you use DoNotPay for finding clinical trials, you can:

  • Get a bookmarking feature
  • Get a real-time notification alert  
  • Select individual preferences
  • Use an extensive database of studies
  • Keep 100% of the compensation
  • Sign up for an unlimited number of studies 

How To Find HCC Clinical Trials on Other Websites

You should be cautious if you decide to search for a clinical trial by yourself. The best way to do so is by using reliable sources—either your doctor or trustworthy websites. Here are some of the options:

Website Highlights

  • Basic search by condition, location, keyword, and clinical trial status
  • Advanced search by the research center, treatment, cancer stage, or type

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

  • Search by age, current location, and type of cancer
  • NCI-supported and sponsored liver cancer clinical trials


  • Search by a medical condition or distance
  • Study filters by age, gender, study type, trial phase

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC)

  • Search by a keyword or trial phase
  • Brief description of available studies 

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