Find Paid Clinical Trials Easily In This Database

Clinical Trials Find Paid Clinical Trials Easily In This Database

Clinical Trials Database—How To Find the Right Trial for You

Clinical trials were created to help medicine advance. They can include healthy volunteers or patients with a specific condition, such as pancreatic cancer, diabetes, or depression. In both cases, a new drug will be tested on the participants.

Medical professionals examine the effectiveness, side effects, and safety of the new drug through various stages of the trial. Read on to find out how these medical studies work and find the best ones to participate in.

What Is a Clinical Trials Database?

According to the FDA Modernization Act of 1997, clinical trials must be registered and stored in a database available to medical professionals and the general public. This registry is managed by the NLM (National Library of Medicine).

Clinical Trials Registry

Before a medical trial begins, it should be registered on the ICTRP (International Clinical Trials Registry Platform). Registering is crucial because it enables transparency. When a trial is in a database, it is available to researchers, medical practitioners, as well as potential participants, so all of them can make an informed decision when it comes to being a part of a study. 

During the registration process, all data is checked. Detecting potential errors before participants are recruited, whether legal, ethical, or other, is what makes the clinical trial safer and more effective.

Organizers of each study have to provide 20 vital pieces of info to qualify for registration:

  1. Primary registry and trial identifying number
  2. Registration date
  3. Secondary identifying numbers
  4. Public title
  5. Scientific title
  6. Contact information for the public
  7. Contact information for scientists and medical care providers
  8. Material support sources
  9. Primary sponsor
  10. Secondary sponsor(s)
  11. Health conditions studied
  12. Intervention(s)
  13. Main inclusion and exclusion criteria
  14. Type of research
  15. List of recruitment countries
  16. Date of first enrollment
  17. Target sample size
  18. Recruitment status
  19. Primary results
  20. Key secondary results

How To Find Clinical Trial Results

Besides having information about medical research before it starts, the database also includes its results. They can be useful for patients interested in a potential new drug for their condition, so they can see whether a trial was successful and find all the information about the drug. Results can also be interesting to new participants—they could check out what a medical study looks like from start to finish before joining one.

What Clinical Trial Databases Are There?

Let’s take a look at some databases of clinical trials.

  1. is a website that has a collection of 353,491 medical studies in the U.S. and 216 other countries. You can search a trial by these categories:
    1. Status
    2. Health condition
    3. Other terms/names (e.g.drug name)
    4. Country
  2. ISRCTN Registry is a registry supported by WHO. ISRCTN can register new, ongoing, or finished trials. Searches are done by:
    1. Trial status
    2. Health condition
    3. Country
    4. Age
    5. Recruitment status
    6. Publication status
  3. NIH (National Institute of Health) is a database of research studies conducted mostly in Maryland, where the NIH campus is located. You can look for trials based on:
    1. Keyword
    2. Status
    3. Age
    4. Sex
    5. Institute
  4. ResearchMatch is an NIH funded unique database because it matches researchers and participants

DoNotPay Database of Clinical Trials

DoNotPay’s database is like ResearchMatch and combined into one. 

Once you complete a short questionnaire, we can connect you with a suitable clinical study. DoNotPay is the only register which can help you find the best clinical trials according to:

  • Compensation
  • Safety
  • Location
  • Your preferences (remote studies, observational studies, placebo, etc.)
  • Time the trial was posted

What Does DoNotPay’s Database Include?

DoNotPay’s database contains:

  1. Clinical trials
  2. University psych studies
  3. Paid research surveys

Other than that, here are some benefits of using DoNotPay to search for medical studies:

  • We have a bookmarking feature which can help you monitor any studies you like
  • You can contact as many centers conducting trials as you want
  • The money you earn is yours—DoNotPay does not require a fee
  • The homepage is regularly updated
  • You can sign up to get text alerts when a new study is available in your preferred area

Find Clinical Trials With DoNotPay’s Help in Under a Minute!

Now that you are up to speed when it comes to a database of medical research studies, let’s get you signed up!

Access DoNotPay in any web browser. Here’s how it works:

  1.   Click on Clinical Trials
  2.   Select Get Started
  3.   Organize the filters to help you find the best study
  4.   Tap on the study you like and click Contact Now

What happens next? We email the center that organizes the study of your choice. You’ll be hearing from them in just a few days about what the next step in the enrollment process is.

How Much Money Can I Earn by Joining a Clinical Study?

The amount of money you get from participating in a clinical trial varies. You could get around $10 for a completed survey or thousands of dollars for a trial. This is why our estimated compensation feature is neat—besides other categories, you can make a decision based on the offered compensation.

Alternative Options to Finding a Clinical Study

DoNotPay is the fastest and most intricate way to search for medical studies, but you can look into other options.

Clinical Trials Center


Trials Today

Search the clinical trials on the website and sign up

Covance Clinical Trials

Find a study on the website and apply or call 1-866-429-3700

Why Do People Take Part in Medical Research Studies?

There are numerous reasons why people want to participate in clinical trials. It could be philanthropic or material. Some people who suffer from a certain illness would like to cover all the bases and try everything that could cure them.

Whatever your reason is, make sure to do extensive research before jumping on board. DoNotPay is here to streamline the process by customizing the search to your profile and preferences.

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