Easy Trick That'll Get You Free Clearwater Rental Car Upgrades

Rental Car Upgrades Easy Trick That'll Get You Free Clearwater Rental Car Upgrades

Easy Trick That'll Get You Free Clearwater Rental Car Upgrades

You've reserved your ticket and your hotel in sunny Clearwater, Florida. Now it's time to plan for the car that will inevitably get you to and from the beach. Upgrading your rental car is a common struggle for car renters. However, there are many ways to acquire amazing Clearwater vehicle rental upgrades upon reservation without paying a dime for it.

If you already reserved your rental car and want to  it, DoNotPay can do it on your behalf.

So, How Can You Get A Clearwater Rental Car Upgrade?

These simple tips can help you get free car rental upgrades in Clearwater, Palm Beach, or Sarasota. In fact, the methods are the same across the country:

1. Make use of a quote from another company as leverage.

Rental car businesses are similar to hotels in that their bottom line is determined by how many automobiles they can rent rather than how much a car costs. So, if you ask Clearwater Enterprise Rent-A-Car staff to beat Clearwater Budget Car Rental’s price, there's a good chance they'll at worst match it — frequently without even checking the figure you're referring to.

2. Join a car rental company's loyalty programs

Signing up for an automobile rental company loyalty program is simple and free, and it's an excellent idea for a few good reasons. In addition to member-only discounts on vehicle rentals and the potential to accumulate credits for complimentary rentals and upgrades, reward programs provide a variety of useful amenities, such as skip-the-line offers at pickup sites.

Research the Clearwater area to figure out which car rental companies have the largest presence and plan to join the loyalty program. Alternatively, you can call multiple car rental companies to find out more about the perks of their loyalty programs before joining.

3. Use a coupon

 companies frequently provide discounts for free rental car upgrades, and redeeming one of these vouchers may be easier than it sounds. Do a quick internet search on the company’s site before you begin the reservation to see if they have an "offers" page with special savings.

4. Book the cheapest rental car

There's only one way to go when you start from the bottom. Based on the organization and area, reserving the least costly category accessible—a "budget" or "mini" car—is one way to get a free upgrade. This is because it's standard procedure in the industry to provide you with a free upgrade if the category you initially reserved is sold out. This method can be particularly effective in high-turnover settings, but be cautious that you may wind up receiving precisely what you requested.

Understand your legal rights: It's worth noting that a rental agency may try to persuade you to shell out more money for an upgrade because agents usually get a royalty or, at the very least, points for add-ons. If you've reserved an economy automobile but all they have are mid-size and larger vehicles, you should not have to pay for their oversight.

5. Be nice

When allocating customers to a car, the person behind the desk frequently has great discretion. Whether you drive away with one of the worst automobiles in your booked category or get an upgrade depends on how you engage with the agent. Being pleasant and courteous always wins the day.

6. Use the appropriate credit card.

Not only will the appropriate credit card spare you fees by providing benefits like complimentary rental car insurance, but it could also get you an upgrade for free. The American Express Platinum Card, for instance, grants you platinum status with Hertz rental company. This entails benefits such as skipping the line, lower car hire rates, and, perhaps, the chance of receiving a free car upgrade.

7. Take advantage of memberships.

Being a member of some clubs and organizations might pay off. Costco members, for instance, frequently receive free upgrades at Alamo. Avis provides discounts to AARP subscribers.

8. Having simultaneous membership programs

Keep an eye out for special offers from other subscriptions you might have. National's Emerald Club program, for instance, will link your elite position with more than 40 other firms, including restaurants, airports, as well as other rental car companies.

Clearwater Car Rental Upgrade And How DoNotPay Can Help

Getting an upgrade of your car rental using DoNotPay only takes a few simple steps:

  1. Choose which rental company you booked with.


  2. Enter your reservation confirmation number.


  3. Tell us the details of your reservation, such as the pick-up date, pick-up location, car model, etc.*


  4. Indicate whether you are a rewards member or special credit card holder.


It's as simple as that! DoNotPay will contact the rental provider on your behalf and seek an upgrade. The company should respond right away with verification and details on how the upgrade will be handled and when you can expect your automobile upgrade.

Why Choose DoNotPay to Upgrade Your Rental Car?

Using DoNotPay is time and cost-efficient. Here are three reasons why our customers love using DoNotPay to handle their rental car upgrades:

  • It’s Fast: We’ll handle all of your rental company upgrade requests, sparing you a tremendous amount of time.
  • It’s Easy: We'll stay on top of it for you, so you, our valued customer, won't need to waste any time figuring out how to request a car upgrade.
  • It’s Successful: We’ve helped many customers in your shoes get the outcome they want.

DoNotPay Works With A Variety Car Rental Companies

Need a rental car at the best price? DoNotPay works across all major car rental companies and across the entire country.

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We will not only facilitate car upgrades. DoNotPay will handle all other issues including booking hotels, destinations, and so much more.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Our extensive range of customer services also includes:

Reach out to us today and we will get your situation handled with ease.

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