How To Find a Cleaning Contract Template

Standardized Legal Documents How To Find a Cleaning Contract Template

The Ins and Outs of an Airtight Cleaning Contract Template

Typically, the cleaning staff prepares a contract for their work, but the clients can also have a ready-made agreement, especially if they need long-term cleaning services. Regardless of which side you’re on, understanding your contract from top to bottom is of utmost importance.

We’ll help you choose or create a solid cleaning contract template!

Defining the Cleaning Contract

A cleaning contract or a cleaning services agreement is a legal document between a cleaner and a client. The client can be a homeowner or a business manager requiring services from a cleaner or custodian. This contract determines the arrangement between the two parties.

Why Is a Cleaning Contract Important?

With a cleaning contract, the client’s expectations are clearly set out, and misunderstandings are less likely to happen.

The client can get as detailed or as broad in their request as they want. A cleaning service contract is useful for long-term or recurring services because you only need to discuss the terms once and know what to expect from that moment on.

The cleaning staff can easily maintain their self-employment records and not worry about a dispute over a payment.

If either party is unsatisfied, the contract serves as evidence of the services or payment that was promised. In case of a serious issue, the cleaning service contract can lay out the terms of dispute resolution.

What Should Cleaning Contracts Cover?

Some of the most important details a cleaning contract should state are the payment information and the fact that the cleaner is an independent contractor and not an employee.

Check out other terms and clauses a typical cleaning contract should cover:

PartiesNames, addresses, and contact info
  • Date of the signing—when the contract goes into effect
  • Date when the services begin
Cleaning service scheduleStating whether the service is for:

  • One job
  • A fixed term
  • An indefinite period
Services providedA detailed description of the cleaning services that are requested
Payment details
  • Deposit info if applicable
  • Payment method
  • Payment amount
  • Due dates
  • Additional terms regarding late or missed payments
  • The premises that will be cleaned
  • A list and/or description of the property in case certain parts are restricted
Access rightsPermission to be on the property at the designated time
Cleaning materials and equipment
  • A list of cleaning equipment
  • The person or company responsible for providing the necessary equipment
Relevant federal, state, or local legislationAny limitation or allowance regarding the property (in medical facilities, for example)
SignaturesAll parties need to sign the contract

Pros of Having a Cleaning Contract Template

Using a cleaning contract template rather than writing the full contract each time you have a new client or a cleaner is more efficient. It’s easier to tweak a general template containing the basic info of the services you want or provide than to write a new contract from scratch each time.

In case you need a lawyer to go over the contract, they’ll only need to do that once, and you’ll be sure everything is in order as you’ll change only certain sections.

Sample Cleaning Contracts To Steer Clear Of

While most sample cleaning contracts online are free, many of them are unprofessional and unreliable. Before you download one, especially if you have to pay for it, double-check the key details you want your contract to have and look out for certain red flags, such as:

  1. Amateurish websites
  2. Hidden charges
  3. Watermarks
  4. Out-of-date clauses
  5. Grammatical mistakes
  6. Partial previews of the contract

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