Is Claims Advisory Service Debt a Scam? How Do You Stop It?

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Is Claims Advisory Service Debt a Scam?

Do collectors keep on contacting you and do you wish to stop them? It can be frustrating when you are about to dive into your breakfast and you get a call from debt collectors. This can make you lose your appetite or ruin your day.

But not anymore. When you receive a call from a person claiming to be a debt collector, stay calm. With only three steps, DoNotPay can help you stop debt collectors from calling. Find out how DoNotPay can assist you today.

Who Is Claims Advisory Group Debt and Why Are They Calling?

is a financial advisory company that informs consumers of how companies owe them money and proceeds to make claims on their behalf. The main reason as to why they could call include:

  • To inform you they can make a successful claim for you
  • You owe them money
  • Gather details
  • Collect payment
  • Harass you

One thing about debt collectors is that they never give up. This means they can keep on calling even after you block their number. This isn't very pleasant and may affect your mental health.

If you have a debt with Claims Advisory and you don't pay them, they can sue you. But how can you owe them? You have to pay for their services after helping you get your claim. They pay themselves by taking a certain percentage of your claim. However, they don't take their share immediately on some occasions and start asking for it later.

But you aren't alone; according to Claims Advisory Services reviews, this has happened to many people. They have received successful PPI claims months or years ago, but Claims Advisory did not take their cut at the time of collection. This meant that people owed them money without their knowledge, sometimes as much as 10% of what was collected.

So, if you get a notice from Claims Advisory, ensure you respond as soon as possible, whether you have a debt with them or not. Otherwise, the debt collector will continue to try to collect their money, harm your credit score, and sue you.

Claims Advisory Group Contact Details

These are the contact details for the Claims Advisory Services if you want to contact them for more information.

WebsiteClaims Advisory Services
Phone Number01902 214201
Address Claim Advisory Services

84 Salop Street



Online FormContact Form

Is Claims Advisory Service Legit?

There is a real mystery whether Claims Advisory Services is a legit company. This is because there were other scam companies that used their name and got in touch with UK residents from abroad. There is, however, a genuine company located in Manchester.

What If I Don't Pay My Debt To The Claims Advisory Service?

After receiving a letter from the Claims Advisory Service, it's advisable to take action as soon as possible. They will request you to pay for their service by a specific date in the letter. If you wish to verify the debt, set up a payment plan or dispute the debt, contact them as soon as you can.

If you delay taking action, you might find yourself in trouble. They may continue to harass you or worse, choose to take you to court and try to get a CCJ against you.

Has Claims Advisory Group Violated My Rights?

Claims Advisory Services have violated your right if they are doing any of the following:

  • Share your debt information with other people, such as family members and friends.
  • Keep calling you (late at night or early in the morning).
  • If they abuse or threaten.
  • Embarrass you in public.

Will Debt Collectors Collect a Debt From Me Forever?

No, they won't. Claims Advisory Service or other debt collector agencies can chase their debt for only six years. This is according to the Limitations Act 1980. But for the six years to apply, you must not have paid any money or acknowledged the debt to your creditor.

How Can You Pay Your Debt to Claims Advisory Service On Your Own

The process of paying your debt to the Claims Advisory Service isn't easy. It can be time-consuming and tedious.

You can contact Claims Advisory Service via email, online, or visit their office for further questions or payment plans. Keep your promise and start paying your debt. You can also request them to stop making calls.

Here are the payment options:

  1. Pay over the phone. You can call 0121 797 0708 and use your credit/debit card to pay your invoice.
  2. Pay via online banking. You can make secure payments on your invoice easily through your online bank account.
  3. Pay by cheque or postal order. Send a cheque or a postal order to ‘Victor Hydon Limited’ to settle your invoice.

Get Debt Help With DoNotPay

Have Claims Advisory Service just contacted you, or they have been doing it for months? Fortunately, DoNotPay can help you determine if the debt collector follows debt collection laws. After answering a series of questions, DoNotPay will help you figure out the appropriate action you need to take.

DoNotPay will also send a demand letter to debt collectors on your behalf. Additionally, they will assist you if you decide to report your debt collection company to the governing body. How? Follow these three simple steps.

  1. Open DoNotPay and search for "debt collection".

  2. Provide honest answers to a few questions about a debt collector company, such as when they contacted you and how they did it. These specific questions will assist us in figuring out whether they have violated any debt collection laws.

  3. Based on our guidance, decide on what next, like filling a debt verification request, asking collectors to stop calling you, or reporting the debt collectors to professional bodies.

There you go! After you know the course of action you need to take, leave the rest to DoNotPay.

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Can I Use DoNotPay to Do Anything Else?

Yes. Apart from helping you solve the Claims Advisory Service issue, DoNotPay can help you accomplish other things. For example, it can help you with:

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