Can Claiming Rental Property on Taxes Be Easy?

How to Claim Rental Property Tax Deductions the Easy Way

Renting a property can be a solid source of income. Should you choose to rent it short-term or for a longer period, it can be a real moneymaker.

As a real estate owner, you need to count on various expenses. Claiming rental property on taxes is a possibility you should explore to lower your costs.

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What Is Rental Income?

Rental income includes all payments that you get for the property you rent and that you need to report.

Apart from regular rentals, you need to report the following income:

Rental IncomeWhat Is It?

Advance rent

This includes all amounts you receive before the period the rent covers. You need to include advance rent as part of your rental income in the year you receive it

Security deposits

It is the final payment of rent. You must include it in your income when you receive it unless you decide to return the security deposit to your tenant at the end of the rental period

Payment for lease canceling

This type of payment equals the amount your tenant needs to pay for canceling a lease. As it is also part of the rent, you need to include it in your income in the year you get it

Expenses paid by the tenant

These expenses include any payments you get if the tenant covers your expenses, e.g., your water and sewage bill. You need to include these costs in your rental income and deduct them if they are deductible rental expenses

Received property or services

This type of income includes anything you get as rent instead of money, and it has to be included in your rental income. To calculate it, you should use the fair market value of the delivered service or property, e.g., your tenant paints your property in exchange for a three-month rent

Lease with option to buy

All payments you receive under the rental agreement where you allow your tenant to buy your rental property count as your income. That is why you need to include these payments in your rental income

Don’t forget to report your part of the rental income if you own a portion of a rental property.

If you believe the assessed value of your property is not correct, you can file an appeal to reduce your property taxes.

If you are looking to purchase another real estate you could rent, you might want to review the list of U.S. states with low property taxes.

What Tax Deductions Can You Claim on Your Rental Property?

When you get income from your rental property, you can deduct some expenses on your tax return. These expenses can include the following:

  • Property tax
  • Depreciation
  • Mortgage interest
  • Operating expenses
  • Supplies, materials, and repairs
  • Ordinary and necessary expenses
  • Deductible rental expenses paid by the tenant

Be careful with improvements as you might not be able to deduct some of these costs since they are recovered mostly through depreciation.

Be Careful With Your Federal Tax Responsibilities

Owning a rental property brings lots of opportunities your way, together with a few federal tax responsibilities, e.g., reporting all your rental income on your tax return. Certain tax relief can also accompany your tax liabilities.

Does owning rental property help with taxes? Yes, it does, as claiming rental property on your tax return is something you can do. You can deduct the associated costs from your rental income.

You can use one of the following methods to settle your taxes:

Cash MethodAccrual Method
  1. Report your rental income on your return for the year you receive it
  2. Deduct your rental expenses in the year you pay them
  1. Report your rental income when you earn it
  2. Deduct your rental expenses when you incur them

Most taxpayers use the cash method.

Claiming Rental Property on Taxes Means Keeping Records

You need to keep track of your rental income and expenses as you must prove some elements of expenses to be able to deduct them. Keeping good records will help you:

  • Prepare your tax returns
  • Identify the source of receipts
  • Prepare your financial statements
  • Monitor and collect deductible expenses
  • Support items you report on your tax returns

You will have to document everything in case of an audit. If you lack proof during the audit, you will probably face penalties and additional taxes.

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