How Can I File a Consumer Complaint Against Citroën Online?

File a Complaint Against Any Company How Can I File a Consumer Complaint Against Citroën Online?

How Can I File a Consumer Complaint Against Citroën Online?

Citroën is a car manufacturer with facilities across Europe and the UK. They are part of a larger international firm, Stellantis, along with other car manufacturers. Their cars are quite popular. Customers of Citroën and any other carmaker expect to have reliable vehicles. They also expect to have responsive customer service attend to their  when they need work done on their car or if they are having unexpected problems.

Some of the services Citroën provide are:

  • New car sales
  • Authorized used car sales
  • Maintenance plans
  • Citroën Accident Assistance

The reliability of cars can vary. Customers of most cars seek a vehicle that is:

  • Provides needed transportation
  • A good value
  • A good warranty - manufacturer stands behind product
  • Vehicle has all standard and optional equipment

When customers have problems with their vehicles, they want them corrected quickly. That is not always easy. DoNotPay has solutions to help customers get through to customer service fast and easy.

What Kind of Problems Do Citroën Owners Experience?

No product is perfect. Car owners, including Citroën owners, will from time to time run into difficulties. Some of the reasons owners must contact  about include:

  • Warranty problems
  • Mechanical problems
  • Accidents and damage
  • Safety recalls
  • Substitute transportation

How to File a Complaint with Citroën on Your Own

There are many ways to get in touch with Citroën.

PostCitroën Customer Care​

Pinley House​

2 Sunbeam Way​

Coventry ​


Phone0800 093 9393

Hours:  Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm​

Fleet Customers: 0247 688 4831

OnlineCitroën | Customer Care & Enquiries

Social Media

The following social media links allow you to reach customer service. Each one has different hours when response might be received. Some of the sites allow the user to communicate with and share information with other customers.

  • Facebook - @CitroënUK - Connect with other fans and customers of Citroën.
  • Messenger - Send a message directly CitroënUK
  • Twitter - @CitroënUK, available to respond Monday - Friday 9-6
  • Instagram - CitroënUK - Over 1800 posts, links to their website and the ability to message directly.
  • YouTube - Citroën UK - Lots of informational videos about new models as well as instructional information about how they work. Links back to their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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DoNotPay has a system to make it easier to get results when a customer service issue arises. Waiting on the phone for a live customer service agent can take a very long time. Waiting times can exceed one hour. There is no longer a need to waste your time on hold. DoNotPay will wait on the line for you.

Trying to contact customer service for assistance on your own can be very time consuming. The most common complaint callers have about calling customer service on their own is being on hold too long. Other complaints include:

  1. Not getting a timely response
  2. Misdirected to a different department
  3. Links that go nowhere
  4. Disconnected calls

With DoNotPay, all you need to do is to follow these 4 easy steps:

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  3. Fill in the company name you are filing your complaint about.
  4. Write a basic explanation of the issue you are having with the company.

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