Get a Citifinancial Auto Lean Release Instantly

Remove My Lien Get a Citifinancial Auto Lean Release Instantly

Get a Citifinancial Auto Lean Release Instantly

If you are behind on paying your , the company can place a lien on your property. If you don't fight back, you could lose your vehicle. A lien allows the claimant to seize whatever property the court deems appropriate collateral and sell it to recoup the unpaid claim.

DoNotPay can help you get a  in just a few simple steps. DoNotPay can amass relevant information to your lien situation and send a letter to the creditor that placed a lien on your property requesting a renegotiation of your debt based on your needs. We will also fill out a Release of Lien form and send it to your creditor to sign, allowing you to get the lien off your record. Best of all, it’s super easy.

Can Citifinancial Auto Put a Lien On My Property?

Yes, Citifinancial auto can put a lien on your property if you are behind on your payments. As a general rule, before the company does so, they must get a court judgment against you. The judge will rule that you owe them money and that the bank can collect it from you. Once the company gets the judgment, they may record a lien in the registry of deeds. This gives the creditor a right to a part or whole of your property's value.

What Does Having a Lien On My House or Car Mean?

Having a lien on your house means the creditor gets paid if you sell your home or car, or if you refinance. In a nutshell, a claim on your house takes away your property ownership.

What Is a Citifinancial Auto Lien Release?

CitiFinancial Auto was a financial company offering auto loans. The company exited the business in 2017. Citicorp Home Mortgage Services, Inc. or CFNA Receivables (TX), LLC are successors in interest to CitiFinancial Servicing.  is a legal document that a company files with the county stating that they no longer lay a claim to the property.

Types of Lien Releases

Lien releases may differ depending on the industry and the type of property it represents. The following are the four common types of lien releases:

  • Contractor's or mechanic's lien release: This is a lien for mechanics and contractors waiting for payment for a repair or project
  • IRS lien release form 12277: Form 12277 requests the taxman to remove property debt once the owner clears a debt.
  • Partial release of lien: A partial release is filed after small payments are paid towards the full amount.
  • Mortgage lien release: After paying all mortgages, you can file a release of lien.

How to Get a Citifinancial Release of Lien by Yourself

First, you need to pay the debt. After that, the procedure to obtain a release of lien differs from county to county and state to state. However, most record offices follow similar sets of procedures. The general steps are explained in the table below.

Steps to take once your debt is paidDetails
Prepare your formsYour county may supply a specific template form to fill. The form collects information such as claimant name, property in question, the total amount paid, the date paid, and other related details.

If your county doesn’t require a specific form (again, most do), you can find fillable forms online. Remember, DoNotPay has a faster, easier way.

Get signaturesThe release lien form has to be signed by all vested parties for validity. You’ll need to contact Citifinancial, wait on hold, send emails, and so on. It can take weeks.
Get the forms notarized in some statesWhile some states require notarization, others don't. Check to see whether a notarization is required for your situation.
Finally, file the release of lienFile the release of lien with your county recorder to ensure the property records are up to date.

Remove a Lien With DoNotPay, it’s Easy.

The DIY methods to remove a lien are a huge hassle. You can save your property through DoNotPay.  DoNotPay can help fill out a Release of Lien form and send it to your creditor to sign, allowing you to get the lien off your record and out of mind once you renegotiate your debt. That way, you can move past your lien and secure your property! Here is how to get started:

  1. Search for remove my lien on DoNotPay.


  2. Start our Remove My Lien product.


  3. Answer some questions about your specific lien and let us help you craft a letter to your creditor to resolve the issue.


Rather than spending hours on hold, weeks waiting for a response, and then worrying about properly filled and filed paperwork, use DoNotPay. It’s the fastest and easiest way to obtain a  and get it filed correctly.

Let DoNotPay Help You

 is not an easy task. There is a lot of paperwork involved and several steps to be taken. DoNotPay can help save your valuable time and get a lien release, the easy way. Join us today to learn more.

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