All You Need to Know About Chevy Bolt Recall

Recalls All You Need to Know About Chevy Bolt Recall

How to Navigate the Chevy Bolt Recall

An electric vehicle is an option for people who want to avoid burning gas, but it isn't supposed to be a trade-off for burning your house instead. Unfortunately for people who invested in a Chevy Bolt, a defective battery pack might make that happen. If you're included in the , it's important that the issue gets addressed.

The problem is that all Chevy Bolts are included in the recall, amounting to about 140,000 vehicles. Until the batteries are replaced, GM recommends people park their cars outside to reduce the risk of a house fire. This means that there are a lot of people in line to get their car fixed. DoNotPay can help you get the problem solved easily and quickly.

How Do I Make a Claim for the Chevy Bolt Recall?

Because there are so many cars affected by this claim, the process is a bit complicated.

  1. Owners of 2019 Bolts should contact their dealership to schedule a software update that will make their vehicles safe enough to park inside and to charge overnight. Owners can also safely drive the car when there are less than 70 miles of range remaining in the battery charge.
  2. If you have not had a software update, continue to park your car outside and do not charge overnight or to more than 90% capacity. Do not drive the car when the battery has less than a 70-mile range remaining.
  3. If you're not comfortable making adjustments to your car's software to limit the charging percentage, make an appointment with the dealership to have them do it.
  4. The software update is not the final fix. All Chevy Bolts require a new battery module. The manufacturer of the battery modules, LG, has begun manufacturing a new battery that will be safe. As they become available, the recall process will prioritize 2017-2019 models, which are considered the most dangerous.
  5. GM will contact owners when they have an available replacement battery for their vehicle. Make sure they have updated contact information for you.

What Happened With Chevy Bolt Recall?

In 2020, three years after the launch of the Bolt, GM announced that they'd discovered that some Bolts may catch fire when they were charging, once the battery was fully charged. Over time, it became clear that all the Bolts have this defect. Since then, roughly a dozen fires and two injuries have been reported.

If you have a Chevy Bolt and you're wondering if your model is included in the recall, don't worry; it is. All Chevy Bolts have the faulty battery module in some capacity.

Will I Get a New Battery Right Away?

If you have a Chevy Bolt, you are eligible for a new battery. However, manufacturing over 140,000 batteries will take time. In the meantime, you may be eligible for a software patch that will make your car safe to use. All of these variables will make it complicated to work out what the next step is for you.

On top of that, there will be a large number of other owners seeking to get appointments to have their recall work done. If you're trying to get input from your dealership about where you stand in the process, you may find that the service department is very busy dealing with the issue from all angles.

However, DoNotPay is adept at dealing with recalls for many products, and we're ready to tackle the Chevy Bolt recall for you. It's easy to hand the task over to us with our Car Recall Repair product, and we'll follow through and get you an appointment for the repair. Just follow these steps:

  1. Enter your vehicle information, including the make, model, and year.
  2. Tell us about the recall and which part of the vehicle is impacted.
  3. Enter the car dealership you want to visit or let us contact the closest one near you.
  4. Enter the ideal date(s) and time(s) you want to schedule your appointment for.
  5. Enter your Vehicle Identification Number.

That's all it takes! We'll deal with the rest, and let you know when you can bring in your car to be repaired.

Why Use DoNotPay to Cut Through the Hassle of the Chevy Bolt Recall?

These battery problems have caused enough headaches for Chevy Bolt owners and DoNotpay is here to help. It's:

FastYou don’t have to spend hours on the phone trying to claim a recall.
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