Tips on How To Check Your Chevron Gift Card Balance With Zero Effort

Check Your Chevron Gift Card Balance Fuss-Free

Having some extra cash on your Chevron gift card may come in handy when looking for a fuel discount, but this isn’t the only way to make use of the leftover card credit. Before you decide how to spend it, it’s necessary to determine the exact remaining value.

Our guide is here to:

  • Help you learn how to check your Chevron gift card balance
  • Give you a few suggestions for using the remaining credit
  • Show you how to use DoNotPay to submit a gift card cash back request

The Overview of the Chevron Gift Cards

To gain a better understanding of the Chevron gift card rules, refer to the table below showing the essential gift card policy info:

Gift Card FeaturesDetails
Available card models
  • Plastic gift cards
  • E-gift cards
Accepted inAll Chevron and Texaco gas stations in the USA
Balance range$10–$100
Can be used to purchase:
  • All types of fuel
  • Snacks
  • Services
  • Automotive products
Can’t be used for:
  • Lottery tickets
  • Other gift cards
Can be returned for cashYes—under specific circumstances
Can expireNo, unless the card is provided for promotional purposes
Entail extra maintenance feesNo
Can be replaced if lost, stolen, or damagedYes, if the remaining amount and the account number can be verified

The Chevron Gift Card Balance Check Explained

Chevron made performing a gift card balance check quite simple. The easiest way to find out how much credit is left is to look at the sales receipt for the last purchase you made with your card. You should find the current amount printed at the bottom of the proof of purchase.

No receipt? You can choose among five other options:

  1. Seeing the available gift card credit online
  2. Contacting the card issuer by phone
  3. Emailing the card issuer’s customer support
  4. Checking the gift card at the nearest Chevron or Texaco station
  5. Using DoNotPay

Below is the table showing the instructions for each method:

Checking MethodSteps To Follow
  1. Visit the Gift Cards page of the card issuer’s website
  2. Click on View Gift Card Balance Online under the Chevron Gift Card section
  3. Input the required gift card details
  4. Select Submit
Via phone
  1. Dial (800) 352-1090
  2. Ask the agent to check your gift card balance
  3. Provide the gift card info so that they can locate your card in their system
  1. Compose an email with a short balance inquiry
  2. Include your gift card number
  3. Send the email to
In store
  1. Open the Chevron website
  2. Click on Menu
  3. Pick Find a Station
  4. Enter your address, ZIP code, or the state where you live
  5. Choose the nearest station and bring the gift card there
  6. Ask the seller to check the card and inform you about the current value
  1. Click on the Check Gift Card Balance feature
  2. Snap photos of your gift card (front and back) and confirm your email address

How Can You Cash Out Your Old Chevron Card?

Chevron has a different cash back policy, unlike many companies that don’t allow returns for cash unless prescribed by law.

Chevron will reimburse you for the remaining credit if the sum is equal to or less than $10.00. You don’t need to return the card to a station or mail it back to the company—it’s enough to call the card issuer’s customer support and explain your request.

Can DoNotPay Help You Turn Gift Card Funds Into Cash?

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Here’s how to use our service:

  1. and sign in
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What Else Can You Do With the Rest of Your Gift Card Money?

Besides cashing the remaining gift card balance, you can use some other methods to give those funds a better purpose, such as:

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