Everything to Know About Cheapest Printer Ink

Find Discounts Everything to Know About Cheapest Printer Ink

How to Find the Cheapest Printer Ink

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Whether inkjet or laser, home printers have made our lives much easier. But having that convenience has its issues. It seems like the inkjet cartridges are forever running out of ink, and the price of printer ink online can run high. There are ways to find the cheapest printer ink online.

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How to Find the Cheapest Printer Ink On Your Own

To find the cheapest printer ink for your printer on your own, You need to…

  1. Locate the make and model number for your inkjet printer.
  2. Search online for ink options for that make and model.
  3. Order the best-priced cartridge.
  4. Pay for it
  5. Wait
  6. Upon delivery, realize that there is no way that the cartridge will fit in your printer.
  7. Call customer service and arrange for the return of the product, and attempt to order the right replacement cartridge.
  8. Pay for the difference
  9. Wait.
  10. Upon delivery realize that they have once again sent you a cartridge that does not fit your printer.
  11. Repeat

Or you can go to a computer or office supply store and most likely get the right cartridges, but the lowest price is not guaranteed.

Finding the Cheapest Printer Ink Online

You can try searching it up online although it would surely take time and effort to do so. Here are some websites that give insight on the cheapest printer ink cartridge:

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About Printer Ink

Printer ink and laser cartridges can be expensive and need to be changed frequently

Printer ink for inkjet and laser printers come in the form of inkjet and laser cartridges and more rarely, bottles of ink. Each print manufacturer makes sure that their inkjet and laser cartridges are different from those of other manufacturers so that you cannot cross over between the two. These cartridges are also manufactured to be disposable and, as such, cannot be refilled.

The inkjet cartridges come with a return envelope for your empty cartridges making buying the cartridges an environmentally friendly option to partially make up for the high price of cartridges.

Most printer ink comes in the form of liquid ink that is either dye-based or pigmented. Some printers use solid ink, which is more the consistency of a crayon. They come in four base colors: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Inkjet printers spray the ink on the paper.

Laser cartridges use a toner powder that is fused to the paper using a heating system. While laser printers are more commonly found in an office environment, there are several reasonably priced printers these days that allow you to print cleaner documents from home.

A Note About Refilling Inkjet Cartridges

While there are several options out there that offer to either refill your inkjet cartridges or sell ink refill kits, in the long run, your print quality is not nearly as good as when you replace your cartridges with those produced by the original manufacturer. You also run the risk of overfilling your ink cartridges when you attempt to refill them on your own.

Cheapest Printer Ink

Home use inkjet and laser printers are primarily manufactured by a few select brands.

Hewlett Packard HPHP Is Probably the Most Recognizable Brand of Both Inkjet and Laser Printers.

HP introduced its first laser printer in 1981 and first started manufacturing inkjet printers in 1984.  They were initially large-scale business-based printers. The company introduced the first home printers in 1988 with the DeskJet model. It was the first mass-marketed inkjet printer for home use.  Since then, they have introduced printers with various options. Today, HP inkjet printers are an affordable option to consider.

Their printers use cartridges that are non-refillable and you can tend to go through the cartridges relatively quickly. Fortunately, HP has very price-friendly cartridges that are widely available both in stores and online.

Epson Epson is now one of the top brands for inkjet printers with their cartridges rated as the lowest cost per text page.

Epson is the first inkjet brand that does not rely solely on inkjet cartridges. If your printing needs are higher as to how many pages you need to print each month, their EcoTank printers provide you with a printer that rarely requires ink replacement. They also have several models that are still inkjet cartridge-based.

CanonCanon is probably the next most recognizable printer brand.

Canon originally entered the printer market with printers that performed best when printing out photos. They released their first line of printers in 1985.  Their BubbleJet printer series was their first home inkjet series. They have come a long way and their PIXMA printer line is high quality, with print cartridges that are ranked second-lowest cost per text page.

Brother Brother printers are not as well known but maybe one of your most high-quality printing options today.

While Brother makes printers for both business and home needs, their home inkjet line is probably better known. They have introduced a hybrid cartridge tank system that results in a low cost per print price. Their printers are known as high resolution in most cases, but not the first choice if you are primarily printing photos. They do offer some good home printing solutions that are reasonably priced.

Summary of Cheapest Printer Ink

Of the top four inkjet printer brands named above, here is a summary of their pricing:

  • Canon cartridge prices range from $10 to $14 each depending on the model of your printer. They are also mostly compatible with third-party cartridges that can range in price from $10 to $60.
  • Epson inkjet cartridges can be found starting at $16, with cartridges that have multiple colors in them ranging from $30 to $65. Their Ecotank ink refill tanks start at $40 and can last up to two years per tank. It is not advisable to use third-party cartridges with Epson printers.
  • Brother inkjet cartridges have an easy refill option, and the ink prices start at $7.49. They are one of the few inkjet cartridges that are specifically made to be refilled. The printers themselves might be pricier at the beginning, but the ink pricing makes up for it in the long run.
  • HP. HP inkjet cartridges can be found starting at $14 with their laser cartridges coming in at over $100 each to replace. HP has introduced an ink subscription program where you can have your inkjet cartridges when you need them for $0.99 per month. This price includes shipping and recycling.

*The HP Subscription service is your best option for affordable printer ink in the long run.

Next Steps for Finding Cheapest Printer Ink When You Can't Do It On Your Own

Are you still having trouble finding the cheapest printer ink? You still have options.

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