What's the Cheapest Prepaid Phone?

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Secrets to Finding the Cheapest Prepaid Phone

Cell phones have come a long way since their introduction into the consumer market back in the mid-1980s. The average person began to be able to afford to have a cell phone or a mobile phone. By 1994, IBM had created the first smartphone, also known as the Simon, which was not readily available to most Americans. By the 2000s, the average American could get their hands on the first model of the iPhone, which is the most popular smartphone on the market today. Cell phones continue to evolve every year, as they can do more and become more "user-friendly."

Along with all of these technological advances comes the increased prices that the average consumer is paying for that technology. The average smartphone of the 2020s now costs about $758.00 just for the phone itself, and the average 2-year life span of a phone along with the data plan you are purchasing will run about $2,736 or about $114.00 per month. While many individuals pay this kind of money for a phone, others simply can't afford to do so, especially those in the middle-to-lower-middle class who have other expenses that take priority over the luxury of a smartphone.

What Alternatives Are There to Modern Smartphones?

In today's technology-obsessed world, you may feel like there is no other option to stay connected if you can't afford the latest and greatest smartphone. That's simply not the truth. While smartphones are undoubtedly nice to have, for some people, they are simply too expensive to be practical. The most common alternative to a pricey smartphone is a prepaid phone that allows you to pay a predetermined amount of money each month for a much more basic, simple, and less-expensive phone.

In some cases, you might even find some prepaid options that include smartphones as well.

What Is the Average Cost of a Prepaid Phone Plan?

The cost of a prepaid phone plan will vary greatly, depending on what features you are looking for in your phone plan. First, you will need to determine what you are looking for in your prepaid phone plan. Some of the following are common things people will need in their plan, which can help determine the cost of the plan:

Regular cell phone versus a smartphonePrepaid smartphone plans are usually going to be more pricey than the regular plans.
Frequency of use of the phoneHow long do you need the battery to last without being charged.
Amount of data/talk/textWill is needed each month.
The maximum price you can affordIs paying for the phone and plan each month (i.e.,  $25 versus $75 or something else).

Understanding your personal needs for your phone use will help you choose a plan that fits your budget and is right for you. Choosing a plan carefully so that you don't go over your data, talking time, or text message allotment will allow you to avoid paying extra for more data each month. If you use your phone frequently, unlimited data/talk/text plans are usually available.

How Do I Find the Cheapest Prepaid Phone Plan On My Own?

If you are looking for your own prepaid phone plan, you will have to compare different providers to find the ones that offer the best deals in your area. To do so, you will have to go through the following steps to help you determine which prepaid cell phone option is the best for you:

  1. You will need to figure out which cell phone options are available in your area.
  2. Figure out the reliability of the prepaid phone's serviceability in your area and ensure that it will be able to meet your communication needs.
  3. Determine if you are going to pay for the phone itself upfront or if you are going to build it into your phone payment each month.
  4. Consider your options for prepaid phones and what functions you really need on your phone.
  5. Shop around with different companies to determine which prepaid phone best meets your personal needs.
  6. Read through the fine print on the products you purchase and on the contracts that you sign. Many prepaid phones assess one-time or monthly fees that will apply to your new phone, such as:
  • Activation fees
  • Up-front (rather than monthly) taxation charges on your new plan
  • Fees for going over your assigned data/talk/text usage
  • Additional fees for unlimited data/talk/text
  • Contracts fees (in the rare case that your phone is a contract for your prepaid phone)
  • Daily access fees on days that you use your phone (anywhere from $.99 to $2 a day is common)
  1. Call different companies and carriers and ask the questions that you need to be answered. Understand the services that you are signing up for before you finish signing up and make it "official".

Going through all of these different steps and comparing prepaid phone plans can be not only frustrating but sometimes downright time-consuming and aggravating. Many people don't have time to go through all of the carriers in their area and compare plans to find the best rates. People consider it too tedious and time-consuming to even bother, so they keep paying more than they have to for their phones.

DoNotPay Can Help You Save Money on Your Prepaid Phone:

DoNotPay's website provides you with a prepaid phone plan comparison tracking tool that you can use to help find the most affordable prepaid phones in your area. DoNotPay's tool is simple, easy, and efficient to use and takes all of the research and headaches out of your search, and makes it quick and easy to find the information you need on a prepaid phone that meets your needs.

The following steps will help you find the cheapest prepaid phones in your area, so you can choose one that meets your needs and your budget:

  1. Go to the Find the Best Deals product on DoNotPay.
  2. Tell us more about the purchase, including any brands or features you're looking for and whether you're open to pre-owned items (if applicable).
  3. Choose whether to sort your results by just by the lowest price or the price and reviews.

Following these steps will help you find the best deals on prepaid phones in your area. You will be able to choose a phone that meets your needs while saving the exorbitant cost that is associated with having the latest and greatest smartphone with many features you may not even use.

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