Cheap Divorce Oklahoma-Style Explained by DoNotPay

Divorce Settlement Agreement Cheap Divorce Oklahoma-Style Explained by DoNotPay

Cheap Divorce? Oklahoma and DoNotPay Can Help Get You Sorted!

Divorce can be a daunting prospect, with fear of expense, litigation, and mental trauma at the forefront of your thoughts.

When you file for divorce, the best you can hope for is for the process to be cheap and quick. As an Oklahoma resident, there are several steps you can take to achieve this.

DoNotPay takes a look at the issue of cheap divorce, Oklahoma statutes, and the ways you can minimize the cost, time, and anguish of a divorce in the sooner state.

Divorce Laws in Oklahoma

To file for divorce in Oklahoma, you or your spouse must have lived in the state for six months before you file and the county of filing for thirty days.

The state does offer divorces based on your spouse having done something wrong, but the only route to an uncontested divorce is to opt for no-fault proceedings.

Uncontested divorce means that you and your spouse reached an agreement on how your marriage should be dissolved before your case comes to trial.

If you can reach an out-of-court settlement before court proceedings begin, you should be able to get away with little need to appear before a judge. If your case is simple, you may not even need a lawyer.

Oklahoma’s Divorce Process Explained

Oklahoma law doesn’t allow you and your spouse to file a joint petition for divorce, so you have to go through the process of separate filing and service.

The steps to filing divorce papers are as follows:

  1. Filing the papers
  2. Serving your spouse
  3. Negotiating a settlement

Filing the Papers

As the petitioner, you need to file a petition for dissolution of marriage with the clerk of your county court.

Oklahoma does not offer an online option for either downloading or filing the divorce forms, so you have to obtain the correct paperwork in person.

You may have to fill out financial declarations, listing all your joint and individual:

You will also need to give details of any children from the marriage.

As you file your divorce papers, you will need to pay the Oklahoma filing fee. This varies from county to county but is generally around $200.

Serving Your Spouse

You have to arrange for the divorce papers to be delivered to your spouse via process server or the county sheriff.

You can simplify the process, though, if your spouse signs an entry of appearance and waiver of service form.

This waives the requirement for you to serve the papers officially and needs to be filed a maximum of one day after you have filed your petition.

Negotiating a Settlement

Your settlement agreement can be filed at the same time as the petition for dissolution or before your case comes to court.

Once you have negotiated and filed your settlement agreement, you can apply to the court to schedule your final divorce hearing.

This can take place:

  • Ten days after filing, if you have no children
  • 90 days after filing if children are involved

Under certain circumstances, a judge can agree to shorten the 90-day waiting time, such as:

  • You or your spouse agree there is no need to delay
  • There is good reason to shorten the timeline, such as one spouse needing to leave the state for employment purposes
  • The judge decides that you and your spouse are unlikely to reconcile, and court schedules allow an early finalization

How Can You Negotiate Your Divorce Settlement Agreement Cheaply in Oklahoma?

The divorce settlement agreement is the most important element of your uncontested divorce, as it regulates:

In an uncontested or friendly divorce, your settlement agreement will be scrutinized by the judge at your final hearing to make sure all aspects of your marital responsibilities and finances have been included.

To negotiate your settlement agreement, you have several options in Oklahoma:

Settlement Agreement OptionsExplanation
LawyerYou and your spouse can hire attorneys and let them negotiate on your behalf—either with or without you being present.

While this may seem a safe option, it is also an expensive one.

Oklahoma lawyers charge an average of $231 per hour, and many will demand an upfront retainer to handle your divorce. Even uncontested divorces in Oklahoma can cost thousands of dollars in lawyers’ fees

Mediation serviceA cheaper alternative to an attorney is to negotiate face-to-face with your spouse but with a mediator facilitating the process.

Divorce mediation can help you and your spouse reach an acceptable outcome at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer

DIYIf you and your spouse can agree on everything, there is no legal requirement to use any paid help in Oklahoma

What Is the Cheapest Way To Get Your Agreement Drawn Up?

Once the negotiations are over, you need to have your divorce settlement agreement drawn up as a legal document.

To do this, you can use:

  • A lawyer—While this is the traditional route, a lawyer will charge heavily for drawing up a settlement agreement
  • An online service—Various online providers offer templates for you to fill out, but many of these are too generic to fit your exact requirements, meaning you often have to resort to a lawyer to have them customized

Your cheapest and most effective solution is DoNotPay.

We can create a watertight and comprehensive settlement agreement for you in a few clicks and with no need for expensive attorneys!

DoNotPay Keeps Your Divorce Costs Low in Oklahoma!

If you need to watch the pennies in your Oklahoma divorce, DoNotPay is the partner you’ve been looking for!

Our Divorce Settlement Agreement product is designed to give you a document tailored to your exact specifications—but without paying sky-high fees.

Here’s how to set your settlement agreement up:

  1. Sign up with DoNotPay in your web browser
  2. Search for our Divorce Settlement Agreement feature
  3. Follow the prompts and give us the terms you and your spouse have agreed on

Once we have all the details, we will generate your agreement in a flash.

You and your spouse can sign the agreement, have it notarized, and file it with your county court—your path to a cheap divorce in Oklahoma is clear!

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