DoNotPay Breaks Down the Filing Process for a Cheap Divorce in Las Vegas

DoNotPay Shows You How To Get a Cheap Divorce in Las Vegas

Getting divorced in Sin City can be costly, especially if you consider the sky-high attorney fees, which can build up quickly. That’s why most couples opt for a cheap divorce in Las Vegas.

DoNotPay’s easy-to-follow guide will tell you all about it and show you how to end your marriage in a friendly manner. We’ll help you save even more money by generating a professional divorce settlement agreement that won’t break the bank!

Cheap Divorce in Las Vegas Explained

A cheap divorce in Las Vegas is also called:

This type of divorce is more affordable than a contested one because you won’t have to hire a lawyer, financial professional, real estate appraiser for the division of your property, etc. Instead, you and your spouse control the outcome of your marriage dissolution by agreeing on issues such as:

  1. Division of assets and debts
  2. Child custody and support
  3. Parenting time
  4. Spousal support

By reaching a middle ground on these aspects, you’ll not only diminish the cost of your divorce but will also save a lot of time by not having to go to multiple court hearings. If you can’t reach a compromise, try divorce mediation. A mediator will help you and your spouse resolve some of the disagreements.

Requirements for a Cheap Divorce in Las Vegas

To file for divorce in Las Vegas, you or your spouse must:

  • Have been a resident of Nevada for at least six weeks, with the intention of staying in the state after the divorce
  • Agree that you aren’t compatible with each other and that the marriage is beyond irretrievable
  • Waive your rights to:
    • Notice of entry of the decree
    • Appeal the judge’s order
    • Request findings of fact and conclusions of law
  • Willingly desire to get a divorce settlement agreement, which permanently terminates your marriage

How To Get a Cheap Divorce in Las Vegas

Getting a cheap divorce in Nevada is simple and consists of a few steps, including:

  1. Completing the required paperwork
  2. Filing the divorce papers
  3. Submitting the divorce settlement agreement

Completing the Required Paperwork

You can find most of the required divorce papers on the State’s official website. The forms you will need are:

Required Divorce PapersExplanation
Family Court Cover SheetThis document contains some basic information about you and your spouse
Joint Petition ApplicationThe Petition states that you want a divorce
Resident Witness AffidavitThis form needs to be filled by a third-party witness who will need to attest that you or your spouse have lived in Nevada for a minimum of six weeks
COPE CertificateIf you have marital children in Nevada, you will have to attend a course to learn about co-parenting to get a divorce. This document serves as verification that you’ve attended the course
Divorce Settlement AgreementThis is a crucial document in the process as it needs to contain the agreements you and your spouse have reached on key divorce issues. The settlement agreement needs to be written by a professional as it mustn’t contain any mistakes. If you want to save money on expensive lawyer fees, and get this contract without breaking the bank

Filing the Divorce Papers

Once you’ve completed all the required papers, you must file them with the clerk of the court in Las Vegas. You’ll have to pay a filing fee, which you can waive by signing a waiver form. The form will require you to state your financial information, which the judge will review.

Submitting the Divorce Settlement Agreement

After your papers have been filed, you’ll get a divorce date on which you’ll have to file your marital settlement agreement. If it doesn’t contain any mistakes and the judge deems that the document is fair to both parties, they will finalize the divorce.

How To Get a Perfect Divorce Settlement Agreement With DoNotPay

Getting a divorce settlement agreement without paying sky-high divorce attorney fees is possible with DoNotPay. We’ll create this document for you and make sure it:

  • Complies with the applicable state laws
  • Ensures you’re getting divorced on fair terms
  • Is fair to both you and your spouse

To get this document, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Select our Divorce Settlement Agreement tool
  2. Give us the details about your spouse, children, assets, and income
  3. Opt for online notarization

Soon after submitting your request, you’ll receive a divorce settlement agreement tailored to your needs. If you want to have it notarized but don’t want to leave your home, set up an appointment with an online notary. You can do it by following the link we send you via email.

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