All You Need To Know About The Centinela State Prison 

Connect With an Inmate All You Need To Know About The Centinela State Prison 

All You Need To Know About The Centinela State Prison 

Centinela State Prison, a prison located in Imperial, California, houses 5,000 inmates. The prison has male and female offenders around 18-25. It is a medium-security prison that offers several programs. These programs are intended to enhance the skills of the offenders. These include vocational, school courses, and work programs. Also, for addicted offenders, it offers substance abuse treatment programs. However, the prison has strict rules and regulations that every prisoner should meet. Also, the visiting members have to follow certain criteria to connect with inmates. If you're unsure whether your known person is held in the facility, your first step is to locate him. You can use the fastest and easiest platform, DoNotPay, to locate an inmate.

General Contact Information of Centinela State Prison

Centinela State Prison is situated at 2302 Brown Road, Imperial, CA 92251. Here is the other general information about Centinela State Prison.

Physical AddressCentinela State Prison, 2302 Brown Road, Imperial, CA 92251
Phone Number(760) 337-7900
Fax(760) 337-7634
General EmailN/A

Inmate Mailing Address:

  • Inmate Name, ID Number Facility A, P.O. Box 901 Imperial, CA 92251-0901
  • Inmate Name, ID Number Facility B, P.O. Box 911 Imperial, CA 92251-0911
  • Inmate Name, ID Number, Facility C, P.O. Box 921 Imperial, CA 92251-921
  • Inmate Name, ID Number, Facility D, P.O. Box 931, Imperial, CA 92251-0931

Visiting Hours - Visits only happen on weekends. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can visit from 9 am to 3 pm.

Ways to Connect With an Inmate of Centinela State Prison on Your Own

The Centinela State Prison allows the inmates to receive mail and phone calls. There is no cap or limit on emails that inmates receive. But all the meeting ways should meet the rules and regulations given by the facility. Here are the different ways explained along with the necessary information.

  • You can send mail and packages to the inmates of the prison. Also, the prisoners can share the same with their loved ones. If it's your first time sending an email or package, you need to know the rules. These rules will help you to know the right criteria to send an email. You can call the facility to inquire about the rules.
  • Money sending option is available for the inmates of Centinela State Prison. You can easily send money in different ways. Remember, you have to pay a transaction fee while sending money. Some of money sending ways are: 
  1. Direct deposit of money into the account
  2. Through wire transfers
  3. Directly give money when you visit the facility
  4. Send a money order
  • The prison allows the inmates to use the calling facility. However, they have to pay the call charge rate if they wish to place a call. The calls at Centinela State Prison are allowed for 15 minutes. Also, if you wish to place the call to your imprisoned friend. Your name should be mentioned in the inmate call list.
  • Lastly, you can directly visit the facility to meet an inmate. For this, you need to have an approved visitors application. The meeting days allowed are on weekends. You must visit between 9 am and 3 pm on the two days. Also, there are four additional holiday days allowed for meetings. These are:
  • New Year's day
  • July 4th
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas day

When it comes to connecting with an inmate, you have to pay hefty charges. Also, you should be aware of the rules and regulations issued by the prison. If you miss or breach a rule, your visitation, mail, or call will be rejected. Finding it confusing and looking for something simpler? DoNotPay is your one-stop solution to connect with inmates. You can easily locate or connect with inmates using DoNotPay's services.

How to Locate Your Imprisoned Friend in Centinela State Prison Using DoNotPay? 

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do For You? 

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