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Is It Possible To File Cedric Insurance Claims?

Insurance is the perfect way to protect yourself from a huge financial loss after a theft or an accident. Instead of fixing the damage from your pocket, you get compensation from your insurance company in the form of repair or reimbursement. Before that, you need to file an insurance claim, and that’s where the grunt work begins.

This article solves the mystery of so-called Cedric Insurance and helps you find out whether you can file claims or appeal letters with them—on your own or with DoNotPay.

Have You Tried Searching Cedric Insurance Claim Rules on Google?

Before getting to the point of the article, we need to explain why you probably can’t find any details about filing a Cedric Insurance claim online.

The lack of information doesn’t have to do with the previous variations of the company’s name or anything similar. The reason for the confusion is that their real name—Sedgwick Insurance—is pronounced similar to “Cedric.” Many people type “Cedric Insurance” instead of the correct name because they aren’t sure how to spell “Sedgwick.”

If you check and confirm that this corporation is your insurance company, it’s time to learn all about their claim filing methods.

What Types of Insurance Does Sedgwick Cover?

Sedgwick provides five insurance categories. You can find their coverage details in the table below:

Insurance TypeIt Covers


  • Liability
  • Specialty markets
  • Pool administration
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Consumer and warranty
  • Alternative risk and program affinity



  • Commercial
  • CAT response
  • Valuation services
  • Building consulting
  • Contents solutions
  • Delegated authority
  • Domestic or residential
  • Forensic advisory services
  • Customer experience property
  • Repair, restoration, and mitigation
  • Major and complex loss adjusting
  • Forensic engineering, environmental, and fire


  • Ocean cargo
  • Loss control
  • Inland marine
  • Marine liability
  • Motor truck cargo
  • Hull and machinery


  • Quality
  • Compliance
  • Contact center
  • Loss prevention
  • Weather services
  • Risk control solutions
  • Health and productivity
  • Investigations and fraud
  • Knowledge and skills development

How To Raise Sedgwick Insurance Claims on Your Own

The company uses a chatbot service to help you decide on the most appropriate claiming method. Here are the instructions you need to follow to get help from the virtual agent:

  1. Go to the Help Center page on the official Sedgwick website
  2. Click on Chat With Us under the Quick Links section
  3. Open the chat window and answer the chatbot’s questions
  4. Opt for one of the available claiming methods, according to the virtual agent’s advice

The chatbot may suggest several options:

  • Calling customer support at (901) 415-7400
  • Using your mySedgwick account to file a claim
  • Emailing customer support at
  • Filing an online claim—available in case of the auto, marine, property, and general liability property loss

If you wish to know the status of your claim, entering your tracking ID in the Sedgwick app is the best way to check it.

What Information Do You Need To Provide To File a Claim?

Whichever method you use, the agents will need some personal and insurance policy details. Here is the list of the claim information you may need to provide:

  • Site code
  • Property damages
  • First and last name
  • Claimant information
  • Reporter information
  • Personal contact information
  • Theft, loss, or accident details or description

Take Advantage of DoNotPay and File Your Sedgwick Claim in a Wink

If you find the do-it-yourself claiming procedure puzzling, DoNotPay has your back. We have simplified claim filing by turning it into a paperless, three-step process!

Thanks to our user-friendly platform, you can easily claim insurance from any company, including Amica, Trexis, Farm Bureau, , and Cincinnati Insurance.

To raise a claim using our app, follow the steps below:

  1. Access DoNotPay from your
  2. Type Sedgwick Insurance in the search box
  3. Leave your contact details and tell us what went wrong with your property

DoNotPay will note all the details you provided and create a claim letter. As soon as the company receives it, the agents will call or email you to discuss the matter.

Turn to DoNotPay if Sedgwick Doesn’t Accept Your Claim

The claiming procedure is complicated, but everything gets even worse when you find out the company rejected your claim. Despite being disappointed and willing to give up on pursuing justice, you can still try to fix the issue thanks to DoNotPay. Our platform needs only a few taps or clicks to appeal a denied insurance claim in your stead.

Here’s how you can use our service once you log in to DoNotPay in your :

  1. Search for the insurance in question
  2. Select Appeal a Denied Insurance Claim
  3. Input the necessary details and submit the appeal

The appeal letter we create will reach the insurer and push them to consider changing the outcome of your case. Once they make a final decision, they will get in touch to share it with you.

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