How To Get the Best Catering Contracts Template

Standardized Legal Documents How To Get the Best Catering Contracts Template

What To Expect From a Catering Contracts Template

Having a good catering service is key for having a successful party, wedding, or business event. For an event to go as planned, the responsibilities of everyone involved should be strictly determined.

If you don’t know how to write a contract, you should use a catering contracts template. DoNotPay has the most useful one!

What Is a Catering Contract?

A catering contract is a legal agreement between the catering company and the client that defines the details of the catering service and the responsibilities of each of the parties. The contract can refer to one particular event or cover a specific period.

The agreement should be fair to every involved party and protect both the client and the caterers.

What Should a Catering Contract Sample Include?

If you’re looking for a ready-made catering contract sample, you should pay attention to what it includes. Cater contracts have to regulate the general and specific terms and responsibilities. Every catering contract has to define three key elements:

  1. Food, drinks, and service provided
  2. Compensation and payment schedule
  3. Other terms and conditions

Food, Drinks, and Service Provided

The contract should include detailed service-related clauses:

  • Menu—Food, snacks, appetizers, and beverages should be specified in the contract
  • Substitutions—There should be alternatives to the original menu to prepare for dietary restrictions, food allergies, or personal preferences
  • Type of food service—Catering companies usually offer several types of services, and the contract should clearly state which will be used for the specific event
  • Leftovers policy—The contract should define the leftover food and beverages policy
  • Staffing issues—The agreement should address the issues regarding staff-to-guest ratio and dress code or uniform requirements

Compensation and Payment Schedule

A catering contract should offer a detailed description of the compensation for the provided service. It should state how the client is going to compensate for each course provided in the main meal, every employee’s hourly rates, fees for additional or unexpected guests, and other service-related fees.

Catering contracts also usually include a payment schedule.

Other Terms and Conditions

Besides service-related details, a catering contract should include some standard contract terms and conditions, like:

  • General contract information—Names of the client and catering company, date, time, and location of the event
  • Insurance—If the organizer provides insurance coverage for an event-related liability
  • Cancellation policy—Refund amount in case the organizer cancels the event
  • Health and safety requirements—Caterer should accept the responsibility in case of complying with health and safety regulations; organizer should provide a permit for serving alcohol
  • The final date for changes—The contract should define the final date for any changes to prevent disputes between the parties
  • Violation of contract—The contract must include a clause describing the process in case of breach of contract

Who Should Use a Catering Contract?

You can draw up a catering contract whether you are a client or a caterer. Check the following table to see who uses catering contracts and in which situations:

Who Can Ask for a Catering Contract?What Situation Requires a Catering Contract?
IndividualHoliday event or a family reunion
CompanyBreakfast, lunch, and dinner for staff
OrganizationFundraising event
Wedding plannerWedding reception and rehearsal

How To Create a Caterer Contract Template on Your Own

While some agreements come with pretty standard terms and conditions, clauses in catering contracts can differ significantly from one case to another. That is why it’s best to make your own caterer contract template that you can use whenever you see fit. Here’s what you should include in your catering contract template:

  1. Full name of the client and the catering company
  2. The effective and execution dates of the contract
  3. Description of the service
  4. The menu
  5. Compensation and payment schedule
  6. Cancellation fees

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