A Car Rental Agreement From A to Z

Standardized Legal Documents A Car Rental Agreement From A to Z

A Rundown on the Car Rental Agreement

Signing all sorts of forms and legal documents when we sign up, rent, or purchase an item has become so common that we rarely read the fine print with lengthy terms and conditions. If you’re planning on renting a vehicle, you should not only read but also understand the agreement you’re entering into.

This article will break down car rental agreements and explain why they’re important so that you can sign one with peace of mind.

What Is a Vehicle Rental Agreement?

When you want to rent a vehicle, you have to sign a vehicle or car rental agreement. This is a contract between you and a car rental company. It contains the terms and conditions of the rental.

While a car rental agreement is usually a boilerplate text, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get familiar with what exactly you’re signing.

Why Do I Need To Sign a Car Rental Agreement Form?

You have to sign a car rental agreement to confirm that you’ve read all the terms and conditions of the rental and that you agree to be liable for the car you’re renting. A signed car rental agreement can protect both the car rental company and yourself from any unpleasant surprises that may happen during the rental.

What Does a Rental Car Agreement Usually Cover?

While most car rental agreements are similar, rental companies may tweak the documents to fit their needs. Check out an overview of the most common features of a car rental agreement in the table below:

FeaturesKey Details

Rental identification details

  • Rental agreement number—if you need to contact the rental company during the rental period, you’ll need to tell an agent your agreement number
  • Booking reference number—if you’ve pre-booked your car rental, you’ll get this number

Vehicle information

  • Car make, model, and category
  • License plate
  • Mileage limit and the gas tank reading

Your details

  • The main and any additional drivers’ names and contact info
  • The main driver’s license number 
  • The address of the main driver—if the company needs to send you any paperwork

Condition of the vehicle

  • Condition of the vehicle in detail (should be in perfect working condition)
  • Existing damage details, if any
  • Fuel type and level
  • Fuel policy—typically full to full, which means you’re renting the car with a full tank, and you should fill the tank before you return the car

Rental period

  • Duration of the car rental—start and end dates and times
  • Location and contact info of the rental company

Charges and fees

  • Fees
  • Security deposit
  • Additional charges explained

What Should I Pay Attention to in a Car Rental Agreement?

While you should read the entire contract, you need to pay close attention to the section about insurance. Neither you nor the rental company wants a car accident to happen, but if it does, you should understand your car insurance.

The insurance clause typically includes the coverage and liability waiver terms. Most cars come with the following packages:

  1. Collision damage waiver
  2. Theft protection
  3. Third-party liability coverage

Collision Damage Waiver

The collision damage waiver will cover the car’s bodywork if you damage it. In case other car parts get damaged, you’ll need to bear the cost unless your security deposit is enough to cover it.

Theft Protection

In case someone steals the car, typically, theft protection partially covers the cost of a new car.

Third-Party Liability Coverage

The third-party liability coverage refers to the coverage for other people’s property you damage with the car.

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