Does Capital One Platinum Card Have Cash Back?

Get Cash Back Does Capital One Platinum Card Have Cash Back?

Does Capital One Platinum Card Have Cash Back?

Capital One offers many credit cards that are perfect for all types of situations. It also helps you get control of your financial life. When it comes to rewards, though, is there a Capital One Platinum card cashback program? 

It's hard to dig through the terms of the site to find out what exactly it offers, so DoNotPay can help you wade through any important details to see if there's a rewards program to take advantage of.

Is there a Capital One Platinum Card Cash Back Program?

Cash back programs offer you the chance to earn a few cents back when you make purchases at specific stores, like gas stations or restaurants. When you earn cash back, it comes in credits and is usually based on a percentage of the amount you spend. A lot of companies offer these programs, like Walmart, and Apple.

A few cents savings hardly seems worth it, but after a while, they add up. To redeem them, you can usually choose to:

  • Transfer the money to your Paypal account
  • Transfer the money to your bank account
  • Request that it gets applied to your statement as a credit
  • Roll it over into a travel rewards program

Each card that offers a cash back program will have different terms, so how you're able to access your cash back rewards will depend on the terms of the card you own. For example, some Citi cards will offer double the rewards, while Discover It cards offer unlimited cash back matches. Each card is different, so you'll have to check their terms.

When it comes to the Capital One Platinum card, though, it does not have any rewards program, including cashback. Capital One does have other cards that do have them, however, like:

  1. Quicksilver
  2. Savor
  3. SavorOne credit card

It's important to note that the cash advance is different than the cash back program. A cash advance is when you take money out of an ATM, for example, using your credit card. This acts as a loan, of sorts, where you will have to pay a higher percentage rate from the day you took the money out to the day it's paid off.

Does the Capital One Platinum Secured Card offer Cash Back?

The Platinum secured card does not offer cash back either. But, it does help you raise your credit card score, so you can qualify for other Capital One cards that have lower annual percentage rates. Like many secured cards on the market, your credit limit is based on the amount of money you deposit into your account.

Does Capital One Offer Any Type of Rewards?

Capital One doesn't offer any rewards programs as some other credit cards do. What it does do, however, is:

Help you rebuild your credit score. The Platinum card is geared toward those with fair to average credit.
Give access to Creditwise, an app that helps you take control of your credit. It helps you monitor it and you'll get notifications for changes to your score, so you can make sure the changes are appropriate. If something isn't, you can take care of it right away.
Review your account after six months to determine if you're in good standing. If you are, the credit limit on your account will go up. This will lower your credit utilization and help raise your score.
Offer other bonuses. For instance, you can choose your due date with the Platinum card. One that works with your pay schedule, so you don't have to worry about how you'll scrape up the money to pay in between paydays.
There's no annual fee to worry about with this card. You will have a rather high-interest rate, which isn't too surprising with a card that's marketed to people that need to increase their credit scores.

Can DoNotPay Help with Capital One's Platinum Card?

Since the Platinum card doesn't have any cashback rewards, DoNotPay can't help with that, but it's still beneficial to use. DoNotPay’s tool helps you find ways to earn a little extra money to help pay for your credit card bill. 

Here's how you can do that:

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  3. Answer some specific questions so that DoNotPay can help you start making money.


You'll get a list of cash back options and you can choose which ones to go for from there. That's it.

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