How to Cancel a Disney Reservation and Get a Refund

Cancel Anything How to Cancel a Disney Reservation and Get a Refund

How to Cancel Disney Reservations Easily 

Sometimes, even after you've worked out a budget to tour Disney World, unexpected circumstances, whether positive or negative, can force you to cancel a Disney reservation. Disney will not get angry or fine you for canceling your tour, however, it may not be easy.

Reservations, such as theme pack reservations, do not expire; hence you do not need to cancel if you intend to postpone your trip for a few days or weeks. Again, you can use the exact tickets any other day. However, the tickets are only valid for periods where the cost of reservation is the same. However, the cancellation of your Disney reservation helps create space for others who would like to tour on the date you reserved for.

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Can You Cancel a Disney Reservation?

To cancel your Disney resort reservation, you can either visit their official website or make a call to the Disney support team for assistance. Here are the methods for how to cancel Disney reservations:

Through the Website:

  1. Visit Disney's official website and log into your account.
  2. Click on "My Reservations."
  3. Find the list of reservations you've made and select the one you'd like to cancel.
  4. You'll see a "Cancel Reservations" link if you can cancel the reservation.
  5. Click on Cancel Reservations and answer a few security questions.
  6. Confirm that you want to cancel your reservation.

Canceling your reservation online is the easiest and most convenient step to take. However, online cancellation does not give direct feedback on any queries you may have. As a result, you may end up not understanding some of the policies and possibly making a wrong claim.

By Phone:

If you cannot access your Disney account, you can cancel your reservations by phone.

  1. Call from your mobile phone.
  2. Wait for the call to get picked up and explain your needs.
  3. A call center representative will assist you in canceling your Disney reservation.

Call centers are the best for most people, as they give you access to direct feedback. However, with a massive demand for customer service, you may end up holding the line for much longer to access any service.

Below are the contact details for Disney:

Disney Customer Support Number407-934-7639
Disney Contact FormDisneyworld
Disney Cancellation FAQFAQ Page

Potential Problems When Canceling Your Disneyworld Reservation

Disney reservation cancellation applies only to Disney services. Many end up frustrated when they have to pay cancellation fees for hotels not owned by Disney. This rule also applies to reservations made by tour aggregators such as Expedia. The cancellation fees may vary depending on the service provider.

Disney will generally provide you with a cancellation number when canceling your subscription. Losing it may mean that you cannot finalize the process. In that case, you might need to contact customer service.

What to Do if the Cancellation Window Has Passed

Circumstances may force you to cancel reservations at the last minute. Last-minute cancellations may be subject to a non-refund. You may have to email the customer service department at Disney and plead your case in such an event.

Luckily, park reservations do not expire. However, to cancel Disney hotel reservations, you may have to pay cancellation fees. Disney hotels may charge you cancellation fees if you make late reservations.

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