An Overview of Canada Tourist Visa Photo Requirements

Tourist Visa Guide An Overview of Canada Tourist Visa Photo Requirements

Learn What Canada Tourist Visa Photo Requirements and Specifications Are

Visiting Canada offers many traveling opportunities—from visiting first-class museums and landmarks in Ottawa and Montreal to outdoor activities in nature countrywide. Before you hit the road, confirm whether you need a visa to be eligible to visit the country. If yes, check out what Canada tourist visa photo requirements and specifications are.

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Do U.S. Residents Need a Canadian Tourist Visa?

The U.S. nationals with a valid passport may need to apply for a Canada tourist visa depending on the reason for their trip and the visit duration. Most eligible travelers going to Canada for leisure or tourist activities don’t need a Canadian visa. For further details, refer to the table below:

Trip DurationIs a Visa Required?
Under 180 daysNo
Over 180 daysYes

If you stay for more than six months, check out how much the document may cost you.

Canada Tourist Visa Photo Specifications

In case you need the Canada tourist visa, or you want to extend your stay for more than six months, you must follow strict specifications when enclosing your photo, such as:

  • Two photos are required
  • Photos must be taken within the last six months
  • The color must be natural
  • The background should be plain white or light-colored
  • Images must be printed on quality photographic paper
  • Hands must not be visible
  • Pictures cannot be blurred or washed out

The Canadian authorities won’t accept the photos if you deviate from the rules. Should the pictures fail to meet the prescribed standards, you will have to submit new ones.

The images may be in color or black and white.

What Is the Canada Tourist Visa Photo Size?

The size of the photo must be 35 x 45 millimeters. Note that the Canadian visa photo is smaller than the U.S. passport photo, whose dimensions are 51 x 51 millimeters.

What Are Other Canada Tourist Visa Photo Requirements?

When taking your photos for a Canadian visa, you must also pay attention to the following:

  1. Face and head positioning
  2. Facial expression
  3. Headgear and glasses
  4. Light and background

Position of Your Head and Face

The position of your head must be square to the camera. It shouldn’t be:

  • With your chin up
  • Inclined to either side

Your face should occupy the central position, and it must be between 31 and 36 mm long.

Facial Expression

Pay attention to your facial expression because you must keep it neutral. Refrain from:

  • Smiling
  • Frowning

You should also avoid showing any kind of:

  • Joy
  • Anger
  • Surprise
  • Sadness
  • Discomfort
  • Anticipation

Keep your eyes open and your mouth closed.

Head Accessories, Glasses, and Long Hair

In case you wear prescription glasses, pay attention to the following when taking photos for your visa:

  • The frame should not cover your eyes
  • Reflection must not show on the lenses

Sunglasses or tinted prescription eyewear are not allowed.

If you wear head coverings for religious reasons—such as a burka—you don’t have to remove them if the accessory doesn’t hide your features. Don’t enclose photos with half of your face covered.

You must keep long hair from your face, as well. In case you wear a hairpiece or an accessory for cosmetic purposes, you don’t have to take them off if they don’t alter your usual appearance.

Light and Background Requirements

Ensure the room is neither underlit nor overlit before taking your visa photo. Shadows must not appear on your face or in the background. If your face is underlit or overlit—as if shining—the authorities will reject the photos.

The background should be empty, without wall decorations, images, or patterns.

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