Confused by the Lack of Uniformity in Canada Tourist Visa Cost? Use DoNotPay for Updates

Tourist Visa Guide Confused by the Lack of Uniformity in Canada Tourist Visa Cost? Use DoNotPay for Updates

The Canada Tourist Visa Cost Is Changeable—DoNotPay Can Keep You Informed

Over 30 million tourists visit Canada every year, making it one of the busiest travel destinations in the world!

The country’s visa policy has introduced many changes in the past decade to accommodate the needs of different travelers from around the world. The Canada tourist visa cost information alone has also been updated multiple times, and it sure is hard to keep up with the variable fee structure!

If you are struggling to fish out relevant info from a sea of visa guidelines, let DoNotPay be your anchor. Our Tourist Visa Guide tool can:

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Do I Need To Pay for a Tourist Visa Every Time I Enter Canada?

No—U.S. citizens don’t need a tourist visa to visit the maple country for a period of six months or under!

All you need to do is show your valid U.S. passport to the Canada Border Services Officer at your entry point—be it an airport, port, or bus terminal. The officer will stamp your passport to grant you a 180-day stay in the country, free of cost!

Keep in mind the authorities may ask you to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before entering Canada, based on the active travel restrictions.

You need to apply for a Canada tourist visa only if you’re planning to explore the country for more than six months.

You can apply for a long-stay tourist visa—also called a visitor visa or a temporary resident visa—for any of the following reasons:

  1. Prolonged tourism
  2. Visitation of friends and family
  3. Long-term hospital stay or medical treatment
  4. Participation in humanitarian or social work
  5. Unpaid participation in a sports or artistic event
  6. Enrollment in a recreational course that won’t be qualified as a degree

How Much Is the Canada Tourist Visa Application Fee?

Due to the diverse reasons why people seek Canadian visas, the corresponding application fees do not follow a uniform structure. You need to be especially aware of how the basic extension or restoration of a visa impacts the amount you need to shell out.

If you apply to extend your long-term visa before it expires, you need to pay an extension fee. The scenario is different when you let your visa expire. You need to pay a restoration fee to renew an expired visa—and the cost is two times the extension fee!

Use this table to understand the current fees charged for a temporary resident visa:

Visitor or Temporary Resident Visa—Fee ChargedAmount Per Person
Application fee
  • $CAN100 (about $80)
  • The fee remains the same whether you are applying for a single or a multiple-entry visa
Extension fee
  • $CAN100
Restoration fee
  • $CAN200 (roughly $160)

Traveling With Family? Here’s a Neat Money-Saving Tip!

If you are traveling to Canada with your family that has more than five members, you can apply for a visa as a family and save some bucks!

Canada authorities will only charge you $CAN500 (almost $400) if:

  • All members of your family apply together, at the same time and place
  • Your family’s children qualify as dependents and are under the age of 22

Canada Tourist Visa Embassy Fees—Only for Biometrics Data

You can apply for a long-stay tourist visa both online and through an embassy, but the application fees remain the same in both cases.

You may need to pay a separate fee at an embassy only if the authorities ask you to register your biometrics data, which can include taking your photos and fingerprints.

Take a look at the current biometrics collection fee structure:

Biometrics SubmissionCost
One person$CAN85 (about $70)
A family of two or more members$CAN170 (about $140)
An artist group of three or more members$CAN255 (about $200)

What Is the Canada Tourist Visa Validity Period?

Long-term visas for U.S. citizens can be flexible depending on your purpose of travel and the number of times you want to enter the country.

If you apply for a single-entry visa, the authorities will approve your visit for the period specified in your application form. This visa will lose its validity the moment you leave Canada.

Multiple-entry visas are valid for ten years, but you need to renew your visa and verify the details of your visit with the authorities every six months.

Tourist Visa Canada—Verification Duration Can Be Relaxed for Multiple-Entry Visas

If you are visiting your family in Canada as a parent or a grandparent, you will be exempt from the renewal and verification requirement if the duration of your visit is under two years.

Don’t Lose Track of Latest Updates—Use DoNotPay To Apply for a Tourist Visa

Getting your tourist visa application in order is one mammoth task, especially when frequent modifications of terms and guidelines leave you stumped. If you like to be informed and prepared while applying for visas, choose DoNotPay as your infallible support tool!

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