4 Easy Steps to Make Money on Tumblr

Can You Make Money on Tumblr

Are you a Tumblr user? If you don't, you could be losing out on a lucrative ad revenue potential or a boost to your small business revenues. There are various , and we'll show you how to get the most out of your Tumblr account.

Tumblr was founded in 2007 by Marco Arment and David Karp as a social networking and blogging platform. It has developed from a social network for individuals to share written content, photographs, music, and videos to a formidable money-making tool. So, how can you make money on Tumblr?

The average worldwide hourly salary for freelancers is $21, according to a survey of over 20,000 freelancer employees. With only an hour of labor each day, you might earn upwards of $7,000 per year if you set aside an extra hour each day to generate money online. Consider how much more you could put into a savings account or a retirement account with that additional income. Do you wish to supplement your income by working online? DoNotPay can assist you. With our Make Money Online range of products, DoNotPay can do the screening for you.

How to Make Money on Tumblr?

  • Monetize with Ads

Ads from Google Adsense, Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads, Infolinks, or another company that provides this service are one option to monetize your Tumblr site.

You can begin by creating an account with the service of your choice. The method and conditions and the rates you receive per click or impression will differ depending on whatever ad firm you choose.

  • Sponsorships and Affiliate Links

Tumblr also allows you to generate money by including affiliate links. Joining the Amazon Associate program, for example, allows you to post Amazon links on your Tumblr. Then, if someone visits your Tumblr site and clicks on an Amazon link, you'll get paid by Amazon. And Amazon isn't the only place where affiliate links can be found. Another popular option is ShareASale, and there are others on the market.

  • Link to Your Blog, Business, or YouTube Channel

Many people use Tumblr to promote their business, whether a physical store or an Etsy or eBay store. These, as well as links to your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profiles, may be found on the left rail of your Tumblr site.

How to Become a Tumblr Affiliate

While you may go into the trouble of persuading individuals to pay you to advertise on your blog, you also have the option of joining services that assist you in earning money by hosting advertisements.

  1. Create an account with Google AdSense. You will be given the HTML code to paste into your blog. A few text advertisements related to your Tumblr blog will be displayed to visitors. You'll earn money every time somebody clicks on one of the Google advertisements.
  2. Join Amazon's affiliate program, which allows you to publish links to various Amazon products. You'll get a percentage every time someone clicks on a link and buys something (the amount varies depending on the product).
  3. Become a member of FriendFinder's affiliate program. You'll be able to post FriendFinder advertising on your Tumblr blog once you've completed this. You'll get a finder's fee of $1 for every guy who signs up and $2 for every woman who signs up after clicking on the ad and registering with FriendFinder.

Summary of Making Money on Tumblr

Advertising.Advertisements for brand items could be placed on your blog. You are compensated whenever a user visits your page and clicks on the ad.
Sell Your Books.You can design fascinating photos with quotes from your book and post them to your Tumblr blog as an author who wants to sell more books. You should include a link to your book's page where people can purchase it immediately.
Sponsored Posts.To effectively market your sponsors' products, you must be able to deliver thorough and interesting information to your audience regularly.
Share Your Artwork.Tumblr allows you to showcase your artwork or photos with a link to your gallery or purchase page for each piece.

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