Can You Make Money on SoundCloud

How to Make Money on SoundCloud

For many independent musicians who create original music, the internet has become an invaluable resource for reaching audiences and growing a career. Thanks to music streaming platforms like SoundCloud, these artists can upload, stream, promote, and share their music online, all while making money along the way.

SoundCloud is one of the world's largest online audio-based streaming platforms known for fostering independent artists and creators. With its robust social networking services and an estimated 150 million tracks (and growing), SoundCloud has become a place where content creators can be heard and engage with fans.

If you are also an independent musician, you may be wondering, "" The answer is yes—in more than one way! In 2018, SoundCloud announced an update to its platform called SoundCloud Premier monetization, which allows most of its artists the ability to earn money directly from their original music tracks. DoNotPay is in the business of helping people like you make money online, and we have tips that can help you make money on SoundCloud.

How Does SoundCloud Work?

As an interactive, online audio streaming service, SoundCloud is available on desktop computers as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android. When it comes to simply listening to music, all users can enjoy a straightforward version of SoundCloud which is absolutely free. For an ad-free experience and the ability to save tracks for offline listening, users also have the option of paying a monthly fee for SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+. SoundCloud allows you to discover trending content, create playlists, follow your favorites, and interact with users via comments.

How Can I Earn Money on SoundCloud?

Any creators looking to earn beaucoup bucks with should be prepared to invest some sincere time, effort, and money. Basic SoundCloud only allows creators to upload three hours of audio content with limited access to statistics like the number of track plays and likes. While this is a good place to start introducing your music to the world, it won't generate much income. If you're serious about making real money on SoundCloud as a creator, you'll need to upgrade your account to one of the following pro subscriptions:

SoundCloud Repost$30 a year

Quickly post music on SoundCloud for monetization

Distribute unlimited music to Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, and Instagram

Review your streaming data with a custom analytics dashboard

Smart links and other exclusive features

SoundCloud Pro Unlimited$12 monthly

Save an unlimited number of tracks

Access to all SoundCloud's advanced insights

Promote your music across SoundCloud

Replace tracks without losing your stats

Includes annual SoundCloud Repost subscription

Requirements for Monetizing Your Account With the SoundCloud Premier Program

Before you can begin making money from your original music on SoundCloud, whether it's for your side hustle or your main gig, you should make sure you qualify for content monetization. The SoundCloud Premier program has strict eligibility requirements:

  1. You must be a SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited subscriber.
  2. You must be an independent creator, meaning you must own 100% of the rights to your music (publishing, master, distribution) and must be producing original content.
  3. You must have at least 500 eligible streams in the past month.
  4. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  5. You must have zero copyright strikes against you when you enroll.
  6. Humans must be the ones that are listening to your tracks. (Bot streams do not count.)
  7. Qualifying streams must come from specific eligible countries.

How Much Does SoundCloud Premier Pay per Stream?

Are you curious about how much money you can expect to make on SoundCloud? As an original artist, you will earn a 55% net revenue share for the songs you upload, but the payout is a bit more ambiguous. It all depends on how many times your songs are streamed in eligible countries, and how much money SoundCloud makes in general.

Unlike other apps and platforms which payout flat rates per stream, SoundCloud Premier's payment system is based on revenue generated from advertising and subscriptions. This means the amount of money you make is tied directly to how much money SoundCloud makes, which could fluctuate from month to month. If you try to estimate how much money you can make on SoundCloud per play, an expected payout range is calculated between $0.0025 to $0.004 per stream. Therefore, every 1000 plays could potentially earn you between $2.50–$4.00.

4 More Ways to Earn More Money on SoundCloud

Besides monetizing streams from your original SoundCloud tracks, there are several ways you can boost your money-making power through your Pro Unlimited account. Here are four more ways you can maximize your earnings through SoundCloud:

  1. Add a Buy Link: When you add a Buy link to your tracks and playlists, it directs your listeners to your online store or another platform where they can purchase your content. You don't have to share this profit with SoundCloud.
  2. Utilize Ads: In a bid to boost revenue, SoundCloud plays occasional audio ads to basic users and those who use SoundCloud Go. Include ads to ensure every time one of your listeners hears one in SoundCloud, you get paid.
  3. Promote on SoundCloud: Target specific audiences with SoundCloud's promotional tool and expose your music to new fans.
  4. Tap into Fan-Powered Royalties: In 2021 SoundCloud established a fan-powered royalties model as a way to ensure their independent artists are paid equitably. The actual listening habits of your fans determine your actual pay; the more they listen, the more you earn.

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