Is It Possible to Get Out of Jury Duty for School?

Request Jury Duty Exemption Is It Possible to Get Out of Jury Duty for School?

Is It Possible to Get Out of Jury Duty for School?

Jury duty is an important civic obligation that you are encouraged to fulfill if you are able. But what happens if you receive a summons for jury duty while you are facing critical midterm examinations or other school-related responsibilities?

There is no universal answer to the question, "Can you get out of jury duty for school?" The answer depends on multiple factors, such as your state of residence, your type of enrollment, and whether you have previously used school as an excuse to get out of jury duty.

Fortunately, there is now a simple way to request a jury duty excuse for school. Read on to learn about full-time student jury duty exemptions and how you can request one in 3 easy steps.

Can You Be Excused From Jury Duty if You Are a Full-Time Student?

Maybe. States vary widely in terms of the types of reasons they consider to be valid excuses for missing jury duty. Generally speaking, states fall into one of the following three categories:

  • The state accepts full-time student status as a valid excuse for missing jury duty
  • The state does not accept full-time student status as a valid excuse for missing jury duty
  • The state allows full-time students to postpone their service to another date

How Can You Get Out of Jury Duty for School on Your Own?

If you are like many of today's students, you take pride in being a do-it-yourselfer. When you receive your jury duty summons, you may immediately start doing research to find out how to get out of jury duty as a student. As you dive into the process, you may quickly discover that excuses for jury duty students are not always easy to obtain on your own. One way to approach the process is to break it up into several phases, as shown below.

Phase One: Carefully Review Your Jury Duty Summons

The path to getting out of jury duty as a student begins with a careful review of your jury duty summons. As you read the content of your summons, look to see if the summons references procedures for students. Keep in mind, the content of jury duty summons will vary depending on where you live.

Phase Two: Determine Whether Student Status Is a Valid Excuse for Missing Jury Duty in Your State

Not all states consider full-time student status to be a valid excuse for missing jury duty. Just because Texas excuses students for jury duty, that does not mean other states will also excuse students. So, before you try to use your student status as an excuse, look for a list of states that excuse full-time students from jury duty. You can also contact your local jury administrator's office to inquire about whether students may be excused.

If you aren’t allowed to be fully excused, you may be allowed to postpone it to your next school break.

Phase Three: Check to See if You May Qualify for Another Excuse

Some states are not willing to excuse full-time students from jury duty. Other states may be willing to postpone your date of service, but you could find yourself facing the same problem again in a few weeks or months. To avoid these obstacles, review the list of acceptable excuses for missing jury duty in your state to see if you could use a different, more compelling excuse. Here are some excuses that are accepted in many states:

  1. A physical disability
  2. A mental disability
  3. Active military service
  4. Breastfeeding

Find out if your state allows students to be exempt from jury duty:

LouisianaNorth CarolinaAlabama
New MexicoGeorgiaConnecticut
DelawareNew JerseyTennessee
AlaskaWashington StateFlorida
North DakotaUtahMaryland
ArizonaArkansasNew York State
West VirginiaNew HampshireIowa
MaineSouth DakotaSouth Carolina
Rhode IslandDistrict of ColumbiaOhio

Phase Four: Submit the Required Paperwork to Formally Present Your Excuse

For your excuse to be considered, you must submit it in writing. States have different procedures for submitting paperwork. For example, some require completion of a jury duty excuse form, while others may require a letter to be sent to the court. You may also ask to defer your jury duty date to a later date.

Some states offer an online means of submitting your excuse. Make sure you provide evidence of your full-time student status and submit your paperwork as quickly as possible.

Phase Five: Contact Your Local Jury Office With Any Questions

Completing this process on your own can be a bit intimidating, and it is natural to have questions along the way. If you have any doubts, questions, or concerns, reach out to your local jury office or jury administrator for assistance. You can also call the contact number referenced on your jury summons.

How to Get Out of Jury Duty Excuse for School With the Help of DoNotPay

If you are carrying a heavy course load or working while you complete school, you may not have time to prepare a jury duty excuse request on your own. You also may not feel comfortable preparing an official excuse to send to the court. The good news is that DoNotPay offers an easy 3-step solution that walks you right through the process, so you will know your jury duty excuse for school is properly filed.

How to file a jury duty excuse request using DoNotPay:

If you want to file a jury duty excuse request but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in three easy steps:

  1. Search Jury Duty Excuse on DoNotPay, and enter your jury duty summons information, including the assigned date, court name, juror number, and more.


  2. Select your reason for excusal, and provide a few more details regarding your situation and upload evidence to prove your point.


  3. Enter the fax number of mailing address for the courtroom as displayed on your jury summons letter.


Why Use DoNotPay to Get Out of Jury Duty for School?

DoNotPay is the quickest and easiest way to try to get out of jury duty as a student. DoNotPay's 3 simple steps allow school enrollees to submit full-time student jury duty exemptions from the comfort of home or a dorm room. Here are a few of the top reasons why students use DoNotPay to seek a jury duty student exemption:

DoNotPay is fast: You only need a couple of minutes to complete DoNotPay's 3-step solution.

DoNotPay is easy to use: Any student with a PC, smartphone, or tablet can easily submit a jury duty school excuse through DoNotPay.

DoNotPay is successful: DoNotPay's simple 3-step plan has a proven track record of success, so you know your excuse will be received.

DoNotPay Helps Students Across America With Other Jury Duty Issues

Once you use DoNotPay to file your jury duty student excuse, you might be curious about whether DoNotPay can help you with other jury duty excuses. Fortunately, DoNotPay offers an impressive portfolio of simple solutions for people across America who need help filing jury duty excuses. Here are some other tasks DoNotPay can help you address with ease:

What Are Some Other Ways DoNotPay Can Help You Become More Efficient?

Helping students learn about getting out of jury duty for school is just one of the many ways DoNotPay can help Americans in their daily lives. Here is a look at some of the other ways DoNotPay can help you become more efficient:

By minimizing the obstacles you encounter with daily tasks, DoNotPay helps you manage your time better. You no longer need to spend hours trying to track down solutions to problems and can devote more time to the hobbies and people you love. We invite you to sign up today to discover the many ways DoNotPay can enhance your life.

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