Can You Claim Your Property Taxes on Your Income Tax?

How Can You Claim Your Property Taxes on Your Income Tax?

Your property taxes can be deducted from your federal income taxes. How can you claim your property taxes on your income tax? You can do it with DoNotPay’s straightforward guide customized for your needs.

We can give you practical tips on different property tax-related matters, including:

DoNotPay provides you with a list of states with low property taxes and precise steps on how to lower and pay your property taxes quickly.

Can You Claim Property Tax Deductions?

You can deduct your state or local property taxes from your federal income tax. Real estate taxes eligible for deduction include local, state, or foreign real estate taxes levied for the general public welfare.

If you own real estate, you can deduct property taxes on your home and any other real estate you possess from your annual tax bill. The moment you buy a property and start paying property taxes, these taxes are eligible for deduction. Should you make a deal with the seller to pay their delinquent taxes from the pre-sale period, you cannot deduct these as they are part of the real estate price.

The maximum amount of deductible income taxes amounts to $10,000 a year. This amount includes income, real estate, and property sales taxes.

What Real Property Charges Are Non-Deductible?

You should not view all items from your property tax bill as taxes. The items that fall under the category of miscellaneous charges cannot be deducted.

These non-deductible items include the following:

  • Charges for services, including water service, trash collection, or any government services related to your property and not other local properties
  • Fees not compliant with the law
  • Costs for local or private benefits, e.g., a sidewalk or water and sewer system construction next to your home
  • Transfer or stamp taxes and assessments made by a homeowner's association

All additional expenses that can increase the value of your property are non-deductible.

Be careful with repairs or maintenance charges. If the tax authority does not itemize them in your bill, they also cannot be deducted.

Can You Claim Personal Property Taxes on Your Taxes?

Some U.S. states, counties, and cities assess property taxes on any property you possess that generates income. These properties may include equipment and tools.

Each district uses different lists of taxed property types. They instruct how to determine the taxable value of the item in question.

Some counties and districts require you to use the fair market value of your property to calculate its taxable value.

Claiming Property Taxes Paid Through Escrow Accounts

If you transfer money into your escrow account to make the mortgage payment and use that money to settle your property taxes, be careful not to consider the full payment as a property tax deduction.

To make sure what amount qualifies for the deduction, you should look for the figure the bank or mortgage lender reports to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on Form 1098.

Claiming Property Taxes on Your Tax Return With Accurate Recordkeeping

To present payment proof, you should keep copies of all:

  • Property tax statements
  • Canceled checks
  • Bank statements

Retain all escrow documents you have since the date you purchased the property. In case you come across additional property tax payments on your escrow documents, you might be able to deduct them, too.

Can I Claim Property Taxes From Previous Years?

Settling prior year real estate tax payments may result in a hefty sum. A positive side is that you can claim these property tax payments as a deduction in the year you make them.

Many people used to pay the first installment for the next calendar year at the end of the ongoing tax year to increase the amount of property tax and deduction for that year. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was passed in 2018, put a stop to this practice.

You can no longer take any educated guesses about your property taxes and settle them in advance. A tax authority has to send you a statement with the precise amount before you make the payment.

DoNotPay Shows You How To Claim Your Property Tax Without Any Bumps

It is not easy to keep track of all the tax changes and make a smart decision on how to reduce your taxes. You should do lots of research, consult with lawyers, real estate experts, and accountants to be familiar with property tax regulations.

DoNotPay gathers all data from relevant official sources. Using some essential information you provide, we can generate a guide customized for your specific needs.

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