Mary Jane Manners—Can You Call the Police for Neighbors Smoking Weed?

Neighbor Complaints Mary Jane Manners—Can You Call the Police for Neighbors Smoking Weed?

When Can You Call the Police for Neighbors Smoking Weed?

There are numerous activities that your neighbors might do to disrupt your peace, but only some require involving law enforcement.

Can you call the police for neighbors smoking weed? This article will provide you with an answer to this question and a method for solving your neighbor-related problems easily.

Can I Call the Police if My Neighbors Are Smoking Weed?

In general, you can call the police if your neighbors are smoking weed and their actions are disturbing you, but you should consider several aspects first. If smoking pot is legal in your state, reporting a person who does it in their own house might not be so clear-cut.

You need to consider how much the said habit of the nearby resident is affecting you. You have the right to file a complaint if:

  • The smoke is reaching your apartment
  • You have a child who is being exposed to the smoke
  • You believe the group of people staying in the apartment may be involved in some other illegal activities

Even if recreational marijuana is legalized in your state, you shouldn’t have to be exposed to the smoke in your house. In case smoking weed for fun is not allowed where you live, you have an even stronger case to inform the police. It is important to handle the matter legally and provide evidence if you can.

Having the police show up at your neighbors’ apartment without any previous warning will likely make them angry. This is why you should try taking a friendlier approach first (unless it's the third situation on our list).

What You Can Do About Neighbors Smoking Weed Before Calling the Cops

If your neighbors smoking weed is affecting you in any way, you should try and solve the issue as soon as possible. It would also be preferable to handle this task without much fuss, so you can try out some of the methods mentioned below:

  1. Talking to your neighbors
  2. Contacting the neighbor’s landlord (if they are tenants)
  3. Writing a complaint letter

How Talking to Your Neighbors Can Help

You should always try talking with the neighbors before taking any further action. It can easily happen that the nearby residents are not aware of the problem they are causing. If they are reasonable, you should be able to find common ground and solve the problem without much fuss.

Why You Should Get in Touch With Your Neighbor’s Landlord

Contacting the neighbor’s landlord is the second step you can take if the first one fails. This only applies if your neighbors are renting the apartment. Landlords want their tenants to behave and usually won’t tolerate problematic renters. Depending on what their lease agreement states, the landlord might even evict their tenants for such transgressions.

Why a Complaint Letter Is a Good Idea

Composing a complaint letter is a more formal way of approaching the issue. The problematic neighbor will take the issue more seriously if you choose this course of action. It would be even better if you could find other neighbors who share your concerns to sign the letter.

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