Can Your Landlord Charge Late Fees On Rent?

Fight and Waive Fees Can Your Landlord Charge Late Fees On Rent?

Can Your Landlord Charge Late Fees On Rent?

Tenants can run late in paying their rent at times for valid reasons. Still, such behavior can have negative repercussions, such as reduced trust from the landlord. Landlords can, therefore, legally  between 5%-10% of the rent to prompt tenants to make payments within the due date. However, you have legal grounds to contest any late fees that were not communicated to you when commencing residence at the property. Your landlord should not charge you late fees if the rental agreement does not stipulate such terms.

Learning how to fight and waive late rental fees is an effective approach to help you ease the burden of late rental payment. While the legal challenges can be costly, protracted, and even acrimonious,  product can help you go about the process in a manner that helps maintain a good working relationship with the landlord. 

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What Are Late Rent Fees?

 are the amount landlords charge as compensation for their back-and-forth communication and financial inconvenience when a tenant fails to pay the entire rent by the due date.

Are Late Rents Fees Legal?  

Landlords can charge late rental fees so long as it was expressly stated in the rental agreement, and the fee charged falls within the amount allowed by the local policy that sets the limits to be charged.

How do landlords set late rent fees? 

Landlords need to do comprehensive research to determine if their state or city has policies limiting their freedom to set late rent fees. Generally, the amount  imposed as  late fee should:

  • Compensate landlords for the inconvenience and risk of not receiving rent on time
  • Motivate the tenants to pay rent on time.

There are certain circumstances when a landlord may make an exception or waive a late fee. These include:

Medical EmergenciesIf the tenant can show that they have had a medical emergency of some kind, then it might be possible for them to show evidence of this to their landlord and be cut a break.
First-Time OffenseEveryone gets behind on the bills sometimes or has a month when they forget to get their payment in on time. Sometimes, a landlord may be willing to cut a first-time offender a break.
Landlord ErrorA late fee should always be waived in the event that an error on the part of the landlord caused the payment to be late in the first place.

When can you be Charged Late Fees? 

You can be charged a late fee after the grace period is over, but assuming there is no grace period, here are some of the instances where a landlord can charge late rental fees:

  1. If rent is due on the first and there is no grace period, then a landlord can charge late rental fees on the second.
  2. If rent is due on the first and there is a three-day grace period, then a landlord can charge the late fees on the fourth.
  3. If rent is due on the first and there is a five-day grace period, then a landlord can charge a late fee on the sixth.

How to fight and waive late rental fees by yourself

When faced with late rent fees, always consult your rental lease agreement, as the document should outline the terms and conditions regarding overdue rent. Be sure to take advantage of a grace period if such a period is stipulated within the agreement has not lapsed. The absence of a clause regarding penalties for late payments could also mean that you have the wiggle room to contest the landlord's decision.

Acting in good faith and informing your landlord in advance about potential delays can also help you reach an understanding that does not involve you paying a late fee. Here are the approaches you can use:

  • Writing a letter: crafting a letter that explains your reasons for late payment. Alternative solutions such as promising to make earlier payments for subsequent months to make up for the current inconvenience can help you retain your landlord's trust and avoid the penalties that accompany late payment.
  • In-person communication: your landlord will appreciate your effort to work towards an amicable solution when you explain your situation in person. Moreover, it is a perfect approach to build and develop a good relationship with your landlord.

Effective communication between a tenant and a landlord is the best way to fight and waive late fees. However, using a letter or presenting yourself is time-consuming, and the results depend on the amount of goodwill the landlord is willing to extend you.

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