DoNotPay Answers—Can I Bring My Cell Phone to Jury Duty?

Can I Bring My Cell Phone to Jury Duty—The Mystery Solved

Cell phones and laptops are omnipresent in the digital age, so you might be wondering—can I bring my cell phone to jury duty? Our digestible article will answer that question—we’ll also give you some jury duty know-how and help you prepare if you get called to serve on a jury.

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What Items Am I Allowed To Bring to Jury Duty?

Jury duty is an integral and established part of civic service, so knowing what you can and cannot bring to court is useful. Specific prohibitions vary from state to state, but you are prohibited from binging the following items to any court by federal law:

  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Items with any type of blade (swords, knives, etc.)
  • Knitting needles
  • Scissors
  • Cameras and recorders (except for licensed news reporters)
  • Metal kitchenware
  • Alcohol

Items that are allowed in the court if they pass an x-ray scan include:

  • Handbags
  • Briefcases
  • Backpacks
  • Miscellaneous containers

Electronic devices such as ebook readers, cell phones, and laptops can usually be brought to jury duty, albeit with certain restrictions.

The Ground Rules for Bringing Cell Phones and Laptops to Jury Duty

Jury duty can take a while, so you might be tempted to kill time on Facebook or watch a video on Youtube. If you are selected to serve as a juror, remember that you need to obey certain protocols when using your cellphone or laptop. Be sure to check the specific regulations of the court that you’re attending—certain rules may only apply in some states!

How You Can Use Your Laptop and Cellphone on Jury Duty

Most courts require you to follow specific rules regarding the use of any electronic device you bring to jury duty. You are allowed to use your device for:

  1. Accessing the internet if the court provides free Wi-Fi
  2. Making a phone call in the hallway or jury assembly room
  3. Reading an ebook
  4. Watching videos
  5. Listening to music on your headphones

What You Cannot Do With Your Electronic Device

While on a jury, you are forbidden from using your device to:

  1. Talk on the phone while court is in session
  2. Look up information about the trial on the internet
  3. Discuss the trial with a third-party
  4. Tweet about the trial
  5. Disseminate information about the trial

You should take these prohibitions seriously—using a cell phone or laptop inadequately can lead to a judge declaring a mistrial.

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MarylandNorth CarolinaPennsylvania
New York StateNew JerseyTennessee
ColoradoWashington StateMissouri
MassachusettsUtahSouth Carolina
West VirginiaLouisianaIowa
HawaiiNew MexicoMississippi
MaineNebraskaNew Hampshire
Rhode IslandDelawareMontana
WyomingAlaskaSouth Dakota
VermontNorth DakotaDistrict of Columbia

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