The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Cameron County, PA, Divorce

The Ins and Outs of a Cameron County, PA, Divorce

If you’re from Cameron County, PA, and a divorce is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place! Not knowing where to start when getting divorced is difficult, so that’s why we have prepared a guide that will make your life easier.

and check out the most affordable way to get divorced in Cameron County and end your marriage on a friendly note!

The Grounds for Getting a Cameron County Divorce

The first step you need to take is to opt for a type of divorce. In Cameron County, PA, you can get a fault-based or a no-fault divorce. See the table below for details:

Fault-Based DivorceNo-Fault Divorce
Couples who choose to get a fault-based divorce need to provide the court with a specific ground (reason) for divorce. The grounds for a fault-based divorce in Pennsylvania are:
  • Adultery
  • Bigamy
  • Abusive conduct which made the other’s spouse’s life intolerable
  • Abandonment by one spouse for at least one year
  • Extreme cruelty, such as domestic violence
  • Conviction of one spouse for a felony, which resulted in jail time for two or more years
Spouses who want a simpler way to get divorced in Cameron County can choose the no-fault divorce. When filing for a divorce, they don’t need to specify a reason for the breakdown of their marriage. Instead, the spouses can:
  • File an affidavit stating they consent to a divorce if they agree that their marriage is bound to end
  • Claim that the marriage is irretrievably broken if they have been living apart for at least one year

In cases where one spouse has been institutionalized for at least 18 months and won’t be released in the following 18 months, the couple can get divorced without a court hearing

With a no-fault divorce, you can lower the cost and shorten the length of the whole process. It’s generally a more popular option as it allows you to file for an uncontested divorce.

How To Get an Uncontested Divorce in Cameron County, PA

To get an uncontested divorce in Cameron County, you need to:

  1. Live in Pennsylvania for at least six months before filing the papers
  2. Prove that your marriage is irrevocably broken
  3. Agree to the divorce with your spouse
  4. Resolve all financial issues with your spouse prior to filing the divorce papers
  5. Agree on the following:
    1. Child support and custody
    2. Parenting time
    3. Alimony
    4. Property distribution

If the couple can’t agree on these aspects of their divorce, they should try divorce mediation. Mediation will help them reach a middle ground and get divorced easily.

Steps for Filing for an Uncontested Divorce in Cameron County, PA

If you want to file for an uncontested divorce in Cameron County, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. File the complaint—The first step requires you to:
    1. Find the papers at the Court of Common Pleas or the government website and fill them out
    2. Pay the filing fee
    3. Make two copies of the PA divorce forms (the clerk’s office will keep one copy, the other copy will go to your spouse, and the original is for you)
  2. Serve the papers—Pennsylvania divorce laws require you to deliver (serve) the paperwork to your spouse within 30 days after you file them. Once your spouse receives the papers, they will need to sign the Acceptance of Service form
  3. File proof of service—You will need to file a copy of the Acceptance of Service form and Verification with the county clerk
  4. Sign and file the papers—To complete the final step of Cameron County divorce:
    1. Sign a copy of the Affidavit of Consent
    2. Mail another copy to your spouse
    3. File both documents and Precipe to Transmit Record, Final Decree of Divorce, and both copies of the affidavit at the Court of Common Pleas

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