Cambodia Tourist Visa Explained

Tourist Visa Guide Cambodia Tourist Visa Explained

All You Need To Know About the Cambodia Tourist Visa

Are you eager to visit Angkor Wat—the city of temples—or does trying Cambodian cuisine sound more enticing to you? Don’t miss out on this culturally rich country because you failed to check its entry requirements. DoNotPay explains whether you need a Cambodia tourist visa and what other conditions you need to fulfill to enter the country without problems!

Do I Need a Tourist Visa for Cambodia?

To enter Cambodia, U.S. citizens need to apply for a tourist visa (T-class), which grants a single entry and a 30-day stay. To apply for a Cambodia tourist visa, visitors will have to pay $30 and cash out an extra $30–$50 if they want to extend their stay for 30 more days.

Cambodia Tourist Visa—Requirements and Application Process

All you need to submit when applying for a Cambodia tourist visa are:

  1. Your passport
  2. Cash for the visa fee

Cambodia has stopped demanding passport photos for visa applications since 2017. Your passport must have at least one blank page and be valid for a minimum of six months after your estimated entry date to meet the Cambodia visa requirements.

Tourists should know that Cambodia suspended visa requests and currently has COVID-19 restrictions in place, including:

  • Limitations for gatherings
  • Closure of
    • Museums
    • Schools
    • Cinemas
    • Theatres

Once Cambodia mitigates COVID-19 restrictions, you can opt for three ways to apply for a Cambodia tourist visa:

  1. On arrival
  2. Online
  3. At the Cambodian embassy

How To Apply for a Cambodia Tourist Visa on Arrival

After you enter Cambodia, you can complete an immigration card and apply for a visa at the airport you landed on or the land border crossing you passed through.

Check the table below to find all locations that issue Cambodia visas on arrival:

Type of LocationDetails
  • Phnom Penh
  • Sihanoukville
  • Siem Reap
Cambodia-Vietnam border crossings
  • Bavet international checkpoint
  • Kha Orm Sam Nor international checkpoint (“Chau Doc crossing”)
  • Phnom Den international checkpoint
  • Trapeang Phlong international checkpoint
  • Ha Tien international checkpoint
  • O’Yadaw international checkpoint
  • Trapeang Srer international checkpoint
  • Banteay Chakre international checkpoint
Cambodia-Laos border crossing
  • Nong Nokkhiane – Trapeang Kriel international checkpoint
Cambodia-Thailand border crossings
  • Cham Yeam international checkpoint
  • Poipet international checkpoint
  • O’Smach international checkpoint
  • Chong Sa Ngam/Choam international checkpoint
  • Prom international checkpoint
  • Ban Laem/Daung international checkpoint

How To Apply for a Cambodia Tourist Visa Online

If you choose to apply for a Cambodia tourist eVisa, you:

  • Have to pay an extra $6 service fee
  • Can use the visa to enter Cambodia within three months of the issuance
  • Need to wait three days for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to process your request

How To Apply for a Cambodia Tourist Visa at the Embassy

To request a Cambodian tourist visa before your trip, contact or visit the Royal Embassy of Cambodia using the information from the table below:

Contact InformationDescription
Phone number
  • 202-726 7742
  • 202-997 7031 (Khmer)
Fax202-726 8381
Address4530 16th Street N.W. Washington D.C. 20011

Other Entry Requirements for Cambodia

Besides getting a tourist visa, other requirements you need to meet to enter Cambodia include:

  • You need to test negative for COVID-19 no later than 72 hours before your trip to Cambodia
  • Tourists need to provide proof of having minimum medical insurance coverage of $50,000 or buy a $90 insurance package from the Forte Insurance Company that’s valid for 20 days
  • You need to make a $2,000 deposit in a designated bank that will cover any future fees you need to pay during the health insurance implementation process

These circumstances are subject to change, and you should contact the Royal Embassy of Cambodia for the latest information.

DoNotPay Helps You Apply for a Cambodia Tourist Visa With No Fuss

After Cambodia alleviates travel restrictions, expect longer visa application processing times due to the sudden increase in requests. If you plan on visiting Cambodia, you will want to apply for the visa in time to ensure you’ll have it ready before the departure date.

By using DoNotPay, you’re making sure you take the right steps towards the quickest possible application process.

DoNotPay can:

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