Am I Right in Calling the Cops on My Neighbors for Drugs?

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Is Calling the Cops on Neighbors for Drugs Legal?

Are your neighbors’ drug-related activities bothering you? Do you want to report them to the police? Calling the cops on neighbors for drugs can be quite tricky, especially if you don’t want to get involved with the wrong crowd.

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Do I Have Grounds To File a Complaint About My Neighbor's Drug Obsession?

You could argue that if other people are making, selling, or doing drugs, it’s their problem, not yours. Unfortunately, it can quickly become your problem, especially if the neighbor’s disruptive behavior and drug usage or distribution becomes a nuisance. If you suspect that illegal activities are taking place in your neighborhood, you should call the cops on your neighbors.

You should only report your neighbors if you’ve exhausted all other options to salvage the situation. You have the right to file a complaint if:

  1. Your neighbors smoke weed, and the smell is reaching your apartment, exposing you and your children to secondhand smoke
  2. Your neighbors are rude and aggressive to everyone because of their drug addiction
  3. You found out that your neighbor is manufacturing and selling drugs illegally
  4. You’re sure that your neighbors are involved in illegal activities
  5. Your neighbor is selling drugs to young kids

Before calling the police on your neighbors, check your state’s laws to confirm what drugs are considered illegal there. It is important to have documented proof of your neighbor manufacturing or selling drugs to have a valid case.

Other Steps To Take Before Calling the Cops on Neighbors for Drugs

If your neighbors are only enjoying drugs without manufacturing or dealing them, you may want to take a different approach. Instead of calling the cops as the first step to solving the problem, take the high road and try these remedies first:

  1. Talk to your neighbors
  2. Call your neighbors’ landlord
  3. Send them a demand letter

Talk to Your Neighbors

Open communication is the best way to handle a situation where a neighbor’s drug use is bothering you. Avoid being bossy and holier-than-thou when you have the conversation. Here’s what you can do:

  • Bake some homemade (unhappy) brownies to take with you
  • Figure out a time of day they are sober enough to bother with what you have to say
  • Exchange pleasantries before diving into the issue
  • Be polite while talking to them—anger and frustration will only worsen the situation
  • Tell them how their drug use is affecting you, especially if you have children
  • Inform them of the side effects of drug use—not only the effects on them but the surrounding people as well
  • Offer solutions, such as:
    • Placing a wet towel between their door and the floor to stop any smoke from going out
    • Choosing a different place to do drugs, one that is well-ventilated
    • Placing scented candles to mask the smell
    • Quitting drugs entirely and seeking help for their addiction

Call Your Neighbors’ Landlord

If your neighbors’ pot smoke still wafts over to your apartment at all times of the day, you should get in touch with their landlord or the building manager. Express your concerns about the situation and ask them if there are any building rules related to drug use. Depending on the lease agreement, the landlord might issue a formal warning or evict the drug users from the apartment.

Send a Demand Letter

If your neighbors are still too high and mighty to address your concerns, send them a demand letter. Talk to other neighbors in your building to check whether they share your concerns. If they do, get them to sign your letter too.

A demand letter will warn the neighbors to put a stop to their drug dealing or usage and inform them of the possible legal consequences of not addressing the matter. It should be well-drafted to show that you mean business.

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