Everything You Should Know About California State Prison Corcoran

Connect With an Inmate Everything You Should Know About California State Prison Corcoran

Connecting With an Inmate at California State Prison Corcoran

The California State Prison Corcoran is a huge complex housing several separate facilities in one. Communications can be confusing, but DoNotPay can help!

California State Prison Corcoran, also known as Corcoran Prison, is a huge facility located in Kings County, California. The complex is home to almost 3,200 inmates and incorporates several different detention facilities within it. It is also the home of the Prison Industry Authority (PIA). The PIA is tasked with the administration of a work program for California correctional institution inmates providing them with an opportunity to improve job skills, which in turn reduces idleness. The program is self-sustaining through the sales of products and services to government agencies. Programs at Corcoran include the PIA programs of processing milk and dairy products in conjunction with the PIA farm, an institutional laundry facility, warehouse /freight distribution center, and administrative functions in support of these businesses. Inmates may also take vocational training in computer technology, electronics, welding, sheet metal, and machine shop. They can also take adult basic education courses, GED courses, literacy, and English as a second language. Inmates can also participate in community service crews, religious activities, youth diversion, victim awareness, and the arts in corrections programs.

The prison houses Levels I, III, and IV general population, Administrative segregation (ASU), 4A and 4B security housing units, and an acute care hospital. They first started operations in 1988.

Where Is California State Prison Corcoran Located?

The Corcoran prison complex is located in Northern California in Kings County.

Physical AddressCalifornia State Prison Corcoran

4001 King Avenue

Corcoran, CA 93212

Phone Number(559) 992-8800
WardenKen Clark

How Can I Connect With My Loved One in California State Prison Corcoran?

There are several ways you can connect with and support your loved ones while they are in California State Prison Corcoran.

Letters and Postcards

In order for your letters and cards to reach your loved one, you will need to know their ID number and which facility they are housed in. The mailing address for each of the facilities is as follows:

Inmate Name, ID #

California State Prison, Corcoran

PO Box 8800

Corcoran  CA  93212-8800

Inmate Name, ID #


California State Prison, Corcoran

PO Box 3461

Corcoran  CA  93212-3461

Inmate Name, ID #


California State Prison, Corcoran

PO Box 3466

Corcoran  CA  93212-3466

Inmate Name, ID#


PO Box 3471

Corcoran  CA  93212-3471

Inmate  Name, ID#


California State Prison, Corcoran

PO Box 3476

Corcoran CA 93212-3476

Inmate Name, ID#


California State Prison, Corcoran

PO Box 3481

Corcoran, CA 93212-3481

Inmate Name, ID #

ASU, Level I, Firehouse, or Hospital

PO Box 3456

Corcoran CA 93212-3456

Each inmate is allowed to have up to 10 photographs that can be as large as 8"x10', but cannot have any nudity, tattoos, illegal or gang-related, or using hand gestures.  It is always important to write the inmate's name and ID number on the back of the photograph.


Packages sent to inmates can only be sent from approved vendors. Packages from family members are no longer accepted. Inmates are allowed to receive packages on a quarterly basis. The approved general vendors' list includes:

  • 1 Stop Value Pack (661) 441-2434
  • Access Securepak (800) 524-2389
  • Aramark iCare (877) 615-3296
  • JPAY (800) 574-5729
  • Mike's Better Shoes (856) 767-1300
  • The Vitamin Outlet (800) 967-1827
  • Union Supply Direct (866) 404-8989
  • Walkenhorst's (800) 660-9255

For a list of religious vendors, please contact the prison.

For books and magazines, you can have paperback books sent directly from Amazon.com. They cannot incite any hate or violence or contain any type of nudity. There cannot be maps in the material. No hard-covered books are allowed.

Send Money

Inmates each have their own accounts for purchasing items from the canteen, making restitution payments, and family visiting. Before you send money, you will need to know your inmate's DOC ID number and the exact facility where they are housed. Money can be sent via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT, Lock Box, or you can mail your check or money order directly to the facility. Here are the basic details for each option:

  • EFT funds are transferred for a small fee that posts to the inmate's account within one to three days. There are three EFT vendors used by the California Department of Corrections. They are GTL/ConnectNetwork, JPay, and Access Corrections.
  • Lock Box funds are funded through money orders made payable to JPay with a money order deposit form and mail to JPay, 2202 South Figueroa St Box 3001, Los Angeles CA 90007. Personal checks are always held for ten days, and there is no fee to send money this way.
  • Mail to Facility Check or money order payable to CDCR. The sender's name and address needs to be on the check or money order as well as the inmate's name and DOC ID number. Once received there will be a 30-day hold placed on personal checks.

Phone Calls

Inmates are not allowed to receive incoming calls. There are ways that California Dept of Corrections inmates can make calls:

  1. Calling their friends and family members collect. Cell phone providers do not allow collect calls to be accepted on cell phones.
  2. Prepaid calling through Global Tel Link (GTL). You can call GTL  at (888) 415-0377 to get an account set up.

Inmates are allowed to use the phones in 15-minute time slots. All phone calls between you and your inmate are recorded and monitored.


If you are lucky enough to get approved to visit an inmate, they are allowed one visit a month. You need to schedule your in-person visits in advance and either show a negative COVID test result within the preceding 72 hours prior to your visit or your vaccination card showing proof that you are vaccinated against COVID.

California Department of Corrections also offers another vehicle for visitation for those who are on the approved visitor list. Video visitation can be accessed from the comfort of your own home. You still need to be on the approved list, but you can schedule your video visit eight days before the date of your visit, and all visits are by reservation only.

Every few months, you might be able to schedule a family visit with your inmate. Family members who participate in a family visit must be only immediate family such as parents, spouses/partners, siblings, children, or grandchildren. These visits usually last for forty hours and are also referred to as conjugal visits. Contact the prison for more information on family visits.

Steps to Take Before Communicating With an Inmate

Before you communicate with your friend or loved one serving time in Corcoran Prison, you will need to confirm their housing unit and ID number. 

Every piece of mail that you send to the prison must show your complete name and mailing address. If the address is incomplete, your communications will not be delivered. If you do not have their exact facility name and housing unit as well as their identification number, your mail may either be returned to you or destroyed. It is important to confirm this information before you send communications to the prison.

Potential Complications When Communicating With an Inmate

There are certain situations that may affect your ability to communicate with an inmate in a correctional facility.

If an event leads to a lockdown, prisoners will not be able to use phones or receive mail until the lockdown is over. Lockdowns can also cancel video and in-person visits, canteen deliveries, and mail and package deliveries. The ability to communicate with loved ones outside the prison is a privilege. Sometimes, our inmates act up and have privileges revoked, in which case you might not hear from them for a while.

Phone calls can get expensive after a while, and having to rely on third-party providers to send packages to your inmate each quarter can be frustrating. Always check with the inmate before you send them anything through third-party vendors. Your best bet is to contribute money to their prison trust account so that they can select their own items from the canteen, and answer their phone calls and letters.

DoNotPay Can Help You Connect With Your Loved One at California State Prison Corcoran

DoNotPay can help you connect with a loved one or find an old friend with the click of a button.

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  5. If sending a personalized letter, tell us which facility your loved one is located in and what you would like to say to them. You can even include a photo! Your letter will be delivered automatically - just wait 10 days for it to arrive to your loved one!


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