How To Get a California Notary Acknowledgment

Standardized Legal Documents How To Get a California Notary Acknowledgment

California Notary Acknowledgment Explained

To receive a California notary acknowledgment, you need to have a trust, will, real estate deed, affidavit, or some other legal document notarized first. 

Getting your documents notarized can sometimes be an arduous task. If you’re not sure how and where to find a notary, DoNotPay provides information on numerous notary services.

What Is a Notary Acknowledgment?

A notary public will issue an acknowledgment certificate in the final stage of the notarization process. The purpose of this certificate is to confirm that the notary has verified:

  1. The identity of the signer of the document
  2. The signer:
    • Appeared for the signing of the document in person
    • Understood what the document was about
    • Signed the document willingly 

The certificate should include the following:

  • The name of the signer
  • A statement confirming the acknowledgment
  • A notary’s signature and stamp

What Is a CA Notary Acknowledgment Process Like?

To better understand what to expect during a California notary acknowledgment process, here are the steps of a notarial act:

  1. You and witnesses (if required) appear in front of a notary
  2. All signers present their photo ID documents, e.g., passports, IDs, or driving licenses 
  3. The notary confirms the identities of all signers of the document 
  4. You provide the document you’d like to get notarized
  5. The signers confirm that they:
    • Understand the content of the document 
    • Are signing it of their own free will
  6. The notary witnesses the signing of the document (you should check with the notary whether you can sign the document beforehand)
  7. The notary writes an acknowledgment certificate and puts their signature and stamp  

If you would like to see what a California notary acknowledgment form looks like, you can find one online.

Where To Find a Notary Public?

To find a notary, you can use one of the following options:

Some people use the regular, in-person notary services that include the following stages:

  1. Finding a notary’s office
  2. Scheduling an appointment 
  3. Gathering the necessary documents
  4. Showing up at the notary’s office at the agreed time

All these steps take lots of time and energy. Apart from that, if you don’t bring the necessary documents or provide a required valid ID, the notary won’t perform the service and will ask you to set up another appointment. 

That’s why lots of people choose online notary services—they want to save time and, often, money. You can use different online platforms that provide online notarization of documents. They’re practical but can be quite pricey. 

DoNotPay offers online notary services that are convenient.

How To Get a California Notary Acknowledgment 

You can choose one of the following ways to get a California notary acknowledgment:

Notary Service 


Traditional notaryYou need to visit a notary’s office once you’ve made an appointment
Mobile notaryMobile notaries can visit you at any location of your choice, i.e., your home, workplace, hospital, jail, etc. 
Online notaryOnline notaries perform the notary services remotely, via a live video call

DoNotPay can connect you with an online notary in an instant. You don’t have to spend:

  • Extra money for a mobile notary 
  • Your time:
    • Looking for a notary public
    • Traveling to a notary’s office

The state of California doesn’t allow online notaries public. Still, you should check whether you could get your documents notarized using a remote notary from another state, including one of the following:

DoNotPay can provide:

  1. Assistance with creating a document—use our Standardized Legal Documents feature 
  2. An online notary service—you will also be able to use all our services for the same monthly fee
  3. An online fax service—use it to fax any document instantly

DoNotPay Helps You Get Your Document Notarized on the Spot

To get your documents notarized without any trouble, sign up for DoNotPay and follow these steps:

  1. Choose our Notarize Any Document feature
  2. Upload the document you'd like to get notarized
  3. Type in your email address

Upon completing these simple steps, you should open your inbox and click on the link we emailed you. The link will direct you to a notary’s schedule, where you can set up an appointment.

What’s next? Show up at the agreed time for a live video call and get your contracts or any other formal paperwork notarized

Create Your Documents Using DoNotPay

Before setting up an appointment with a notary, you need to prepare all the necessary documents. If you need help creating any document, DoNotPay provides a fast and efficient solution!

Here’s how you can get your document:

  1. Subscribe to DoNotPay 
  2. Type in the name of the document you need
  3. Provide the necessary details to the chatbot (e.g., names, addresses, and additional relevant information)

DoNotPay generates a document tailored to your specific needs. 

Here are some documents we can help you with:

Once you receive the document, you can switch to our Notarize Any Document feature instantly to get the same document notarized. 

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