How To Draft a California Independent Contractor Agreement

Standardized Legal Documents How To Draft a California Independent Contractor Agreement

A Three-Step Guide to the California Independent Contractor Agreement

Finding a simple and time-efficient way to write legal documents isn’t easy, especially if they need to be as detailed as an independent contractor agreement. You can’t rely on the templates you find online—they are general and won’t work for every type of contract or comply with every state's contract laws.

If you do your own research on how to write a contract, you will likely get lost in a sea of information. That is why we developed a product that allows you to draft contracts in minutes without any research! to draw up your California independent contractor agreement in a few clicks!

What Is an Independent Contractor Agreement in California?

Independent contractor agreements in California are made between a contractor and a client. Contractors and freelancers often use independent contractor agreements to outline the duties and responsibilities of the parties involved.

The contract can be in a written or verbal form, and it’s used to spell out all the terms and rules of the working arrangement between the two parties. 

Having an independent contractor agreement in writing instead of verbal form is a more reliable option. A verbal agreement can be legally binding, but proving it in court is often more difficult than with a written contract.

What To Include in an Independent Contractor Agreement in California

If you decide to write the independent contractor agreement on your own, you should know what crucial sections to include:

  1. Names and addresses
  2. Responsibilities
  3. Payment details
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Termination clause

Names and Addresses

Spell out the names of both the contractor and the client. Include the addresses, contact details, and any other relevant info. You can also provide a brief description of the project/service at the beginning of the agreement.


Elaborate on the responsibilities that each party will have to carry out concerning the project. Go into detail and don’t leave anything out—it’s important for everyone involved to understand their obligations clearly.

Mention what will happen if any of the parties don’t do their part. That way, any confusion or misunderstanding can be avoided, and if any issues do arise, you’ll know how to resolve them.

Payment Details

Explain how the payments will be made. Include details, such as:

  • What the payment method will be
  • When the payments should be made
  • What happens if someone is late with their payment


Make sure that confidential information is well protected by including a section stating that no information can be leaked to another party/company. It’s important that all parties know they shouldn’t share details about the project/service with anyone outside the agreement.

Termination Clause

State the conditions of terminating the agreement early. Say how much notice is expected prior to terminating the agreement and what will happen if a party doesn’t meet that condition.

DoNotPay Drafts the California Independent Contractor Agreement for You!

Following the steps above can be time-consuming and tiresome, especially when you have a more convenient option available! You can avoid the struggle of writing a contract by yourself if you go with DoNotPay!  All you have to do is provide us with a few short answers about you and your agreement, and we’ll use that info to generate your contract instantly!

Complete the following steps and gain access to your agreement stat:

  1. from any web browser
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That’s all! Our app will create your independent contractor agreement, and you can print or download it! Once you have your agreement, make sure that both parties sign it.

Do I Have To Notarize the Independent Contractor Agreement?

Certain contracts need to be notarized, such as trust agreements. Notarization isn’t required for the independent contractor agreement in California, but it can be helpful. Should any issues arise, a notarized document will have a better chance of standing in court.

You don’t have to go out of your way to get a document notarized! Aside from drafting agreements for you, DoNotPay also connects you to a remote notary in minutes. You can get your independent contractor agreement notarized online from any location!

We help you make an appointment with a notary in California, explain what notary acknowledgments are, and tell you how much a notary service in CA costs!

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