How to File a CA DMV Lien Release Form Easily

Remove My Lien How to File a CA DMV Lien Release Form Easily

How to File a CA DMV Lien Release Form Easily

If you have had a lien placed on your car in the state of California, you might be wondering how to get a . We have those answers for you! There are several things you need to know, but let's start with the basics that you will find here today.

  • Expectations when you have a lien on your car in California.
  • Can I use a lien release form for my car?
  • What is a ?
  • Can I fill out the lien release form?
  • How DoNotPay can help you with your lien issues.
  • The three easy steps to use on DoNotPay that can take care of and resolve the lien.

What Is a CA DMV Lien Release?

If this is your first time ever getting a lien on your car or property, you might be confused and not know what to do. This is normal. Let's go through some of the basics of a lien:

  1. If you owe someone money, they can collect it by putting a lien on your car or property.
  2. This lien allows the person that wants to collect their money to sell the property in order to collect the money that is owed to them.
  3. There are many different types of people that can put a lien on your property for money that you owe.
  4. Some of the reasons you may find a lien on your car or property are if you are behind on child support or alimony payments, loan payments, or if you have not made adequate attempts to pay off a contractor or service repairman.
  5. There are a few different ways you can fight a lien and get it removed.
  6. Once the lien has been satisfied, you can get a lien release form so that it is no longer against you.

Common Ways to Fight The Lien in California

There are three common ways to fight a lien. The goal is to get the lien removed from your property as soon as possible. If you see that the payments are going to take quite some time before the total can be satisfied, you may want to choose one of the following options to get it removed quicker.

  • Negotiate with the creditor a payment plan that can fit your financial situation.
  • Negotiate a debt reduction.
  • In some cases, you can contest the lien.

Selling Your Property if It Has a Lien

If you have found that someone has put a lien on your property, you might be wondering if it is possible to sell the property. Let's say you have just found out that you have a lien on your car. A question that is probably going through your mind is "if I have a lien on my car can I sell it?"

  • A fast and easy way to sell a car with a lien is to do it at a dealership as a trade-in.
  • One disadvantage of doing it at a dealership, however, is that the trade-in value will be less than what a person is likely to make off the vehicle if they were to sell it privately.
  • You can sell the car or property privately, and if your lender's office is local, you can conduct the sale at their office so that all parties are satisfied and the lien is released.

How to Get a DMV Lien Release in California

If you live in California and , you might be wondering what you can expect from the California DMV to get a lien release on your car. If you find yourself in this position, here are a few things to remember:

  1. If you want to get a lien removed from a car title in California, you can turn in your documents at a DMV branch in person or go through a privately-owned DMV service provider to pay your fees.
  2. An in-person visit to your DMV is a fast way to remove the lien from the title on your car.
  3. Once the debt has been satisfied, the lender releases the electronic lien and DMV can mail you the title to your address.

You can contact DMV here:

DMV Mail Address2415 1st Ave., Mail Station F101

Sacramento, CA 95818-2606

DMV Lien Release Form for CA Vehicle TitleFill Out Form
DMV Phone Numbers1-800-777-0133

TTY 1-800-368-4327

DMV OfficeFind Office
DMV Portal from Each StateDMV all state links

Finding Out if You Have a Lien 

Want to find out if you have a lien on your house? There are a few different ways you can find the answer. You can call the following local offices to see if there is a lien against you:

  • County Recorder
  • Deeds Office
  • Assessor's Office
  • County Clerk's Office

DoNotPay Has You Covered

DoNotPay doesn't just help people avoid the hassles and headaches of trying to deal with their legal issues on their own. We also provide information to help educate people when they're faced with taking care of a problem on their own. If you find yourself asking any of the following questions chances are we have the answers!

  1. Can your credit report reflect a tax lien?
  2. What is a lien release form?
  3. How to fill out a lien release form?
  4. Can you remove a state tax lien from a public record?

Using DoNotPay

You must remember that time is of the essence when you are dealing with a lien. If you need help, you need to visit us immediately! We want to help you before your property is taken from you and sold. What can we do?

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1-2-3 You Could Be Lien-Free!

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