Learn How the Buyer Representation Agreement Works

Standardized Legal Documents Learn How the Buyer Representation Agreement Works

All the Info on the Buyer Representation Agreement in One Place

Being in the real estate business involves signing and making various legal documents because you are dealing with large sums of money. A buyer representation agreement is one such contract. DoNotPay can inform you about this agreement and help you create numerous others.

What Do You Need To Know About the Buyer Representation Agreement?

A buyer representation agreement is a contract between a real estate agent and a home buyer. Also known as a buyer-broker agreement, this document specifies the obligations of the real estate agent as well as the buyer’s role.

The broker agency usually drafts the buyer representation agreement, ensuring their agent gets compensated adequately. If a real estate agent doesn’t have a buyer representation agreement, nothing is stopping the buyer from replacing them. This could leave the agent without the real estate commission even though they’ve already put in a lot of effort in finding a home for their client. 

The person buying the house can also initiate the drafting of this contract. The buyer benefits from the buyer representation agreement because the agent will try harder to help them find a house and offer a higher level of service.

What Should a Buyer Representation Agreement Cover?

You won’t find one contract template covering everything a buyer representation agreement should include. Some general key points should give you a broader picture of what this contract needs to include. Take a look at the table below for more details:

Must Include


Personal Information of Both PartiesInclude the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of the agent and the buyer
ExclusivitySee if it is an exclusive or a non-exclusive agreement
Contract LengthDecide on how long the agreement should last. These contracts are valid for a period of three to six months, but they could last longer if needed
CompensationThe seller usually pays the real estate agent’s commission, but it could happen that your buyer agreement includes the commission as well (a flat rate or a percentage of the purchase price)
Description of the PropertyDescribe the type of property and the price range the buyer is looking for. This might allow the person buying a home to hire more agents for different property types
DisclosuresAgents need to disclose certain info in the agreement, such as whether they are dual agents. They also need to state whether the property comes with a net listing agreement. This agreement is illegal in most states

Types of Buyer Representation Agreements

You may choose among three types of buyer representation agreements:

  1. Nonexclusive (Not for Compensation)—The buyer can hire more than one agent, and they are not obligated to compensate the agent if they don't make a purchase through them
  2. Nonexclusive (Right To Represent)—The person buying a house can hire multiple agents, but they must pay the agent’s commission
  3. Exclusive (Right To Represent)—The buyer can hire only one agent. There is a specified commission that they need to pay to the agent within a certain period

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DoNotPay is a perfect way to inform yourself about different types of legal agreements you might need to create. Here’s a brief overview of those documents:

What Legal Documents Can DoNotPay Create?

DoNotPay can help you make various types of real estate-related agreements that come hand in hand with the buyer representation agreement. Create the quitclaim deed, estoppel certificate, intent to purchase real estate letter, or residential lease agreement. If you are interested in other fields, check out the rest of the options available in our extensive database:

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