How to Apply for Building Permits in Denver

Planning Permissions How to Apply for Building Permits in Denver

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If you have a home improvement or new construction project coming up, you might need building permits in Denver. While many projects don't fall under planning permission, it's always best to check with your Local Planning Authority before starting your project. Otherwise, you might end up with an enforcement notice ordering you to undo all the changes you've made. You may also face hefty fees. If you don't have time to check or have no idea how to go about it, let DoNotPay help out.

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When Is a Building Permit Necessary in Denver?

Not all constructions need a building permit. In fact, many improvements and repairs can be made without a permit. However, most building projects need general construction permits and trade-specific permits like plumbing, mechanical, and electrical permits in Denver.

Generally, you can change many existing elements of your house without a permit. For example:

You May Not Need a Permit To:

  • Fix a leaky faucet
  • Replace a light switch
  • Install floor coverings
  • Add kitchen cabinets
  • Repaint your house
  • Repave the driveway

But anything that represents real estate improvement or changes your building's structure will require a permit.

You'll Likely Need a Permit To:

  • Construction of a new building, including garages and sheds
  • Change the use of a room - like converting a garage into a bedroom
  • Add or remove walls
  • Swimming pools, associate safety barriers, and spas
  • Erect fences
  • Demolition of existing buildings
  • Build decks and balconies
  • Reroof your home
  • Change your home's piping
  • Demolish a part of your house

How to Get a Building Permit in Denver

You can easily submit most plans and permit applications online using e-permits. Visit the e-permits webpage for more details and to join in. You can also visit the Permit Counter Webpage for service subscriptions, hours, and instructions for the in-person application.

Both are complicated processes with lots of intricacies depending on your scope of work. For example, in addition to confirming whether your project needs a permit, you'll have these requirements handy:

Residential Building PermitIf you are applying for a residential building permit, you'll need a legal address, statement of valuation form, permit application, plan (site, floor, cover sheet, building elevation), and so on. You may also need to contact your Homeowner's Association to request permission.
Commercial Building PermitIf it's for a commercial building, you'll need to look up your proposed development site, determine if you need to submit a site development plan, and whether you'll need review and approval from forestry, right-of-way, public works, zoning, landmark, address assignment, etc.

The entire process can be overwhelming even for experts. In fact, it is one of the reasons many people proceed to construction without planning permission. But as you've seen, that's never a good idea. Let DoNotPay help simplify the whole process for you.

How DoNotPay Can help

With DoNotPay 's Planning Permissions product, you can successfully get your building permit and complete your project without any fear. We can help you obtain permits for:

  1. Interior remodeling
  2. Building a porch or deck
  3. Building a fence
  4. Roof remodeling
  5. Demolition
  6. Basement changes
  7. Garage renovation
  8. Pool installation
  9. Hot Tub installation
  10. Installation, repair, or replacement plumbing, gas, electrical and mechanical systems
  11. Residential addition

How to apply for a Building Permit without a Hassle in Denver with DoNotPay:

If you want to apply for a building permit without a hassle in Denver but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered. Create your own cancellation letter in 6 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Planning Permissions product on DoNotPay.
  2. Choose one of the following options:
    1. Check whether your project needs a building permit or if it's exempt
    2. Generate a permission request letter to send to your HOA
    3. Generate a guide on how to complete the building permit application
  3. Choose the focus of your project (new ADU, pool, shed, fence, etc.) and answer a few questions about your plans, including the size of the structure and estimated cost.

  4. Indicate whether you're hiring a contractor and include the estimated start date and timeline for the project.
  5. Indicate whether any public sidewalk/street space will be used during construction.
  6. And that's it! DoNotPay will help guide you through the building permit process by checking if your project needs a building permit, contacting any HOAs you're a part of to request building permission, or generating detailed instructions on how to start and complete your building permit application process.

Why Use DoNotPay?

DoNotPay can help you apply for a building permit fast and easily in Denver, with a tap of a button. It's:

  • Fast --You don't have to spend hours figuring out what you need to apply for building permits in Denver.
  • Easy --You don't have to struggle to contact HOA or research the things you need for Denver building permits.
  • Successful --You can rest easy knowing no one will ask you to undo your project or pay hefty fines because everything is done by the book.

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