All You Need To Know About Bucks County Divorce

Divorce Settlement Agreement All You Need To Know About Bucks County Divorce

A Complete Guide to a Bucks County Divorce

Getting a divorce in PA can be a nightmare, especially if the process drags on for years and costs you a small fortune. You can get a quick and low-cost divorce if you opt for an uncontested one.

DoNotPay has all details on a Bucks County divorce, including a guide to a painless out-of-court divorce settlement. If you register for our platform, we will also provide you with a marital settlement agreement—one of the essential uncontested divorce papers.

All the Info You Need About a Divorce in Bucks County, PA

If you’re considering filing for divorce in Bucks County, PA, you need to familiarize yourself with the most important elements of the divorce proceedings. They are:

  1. Residency requirements
  2. Grounds for divorce
  3. Cost of the divorce
  4. Duration of the divorce

What Are the Residency Requirements for a Divorce in Bucks County?

To file for a divorce in Bucks County, you or your spouse must have lived there for at least six months before starting the divorce process. You are required to file the divorce papers with the local court in your county of residence.

Grounds for a Divorce in Bucks County

Pennsylvania recognizes both no-fault and fault-based grounds for divorce. Check out the detailed explanation in the table below:

No-Fault GroundsFault-Based Grounds
No-fault divorce implies that both spouses:

  • Want a divorce
  • Agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken
  • Were separated for at least two years before they filed for divorce
The grounds for a fault-based divorce in PA are:

  • Adultery
  • Abandonment
  • Cruel treatment
  • Bigamy
  • Abuse
  • Imprisonment
  • Mental incapacity of one spouse

How Much Can a Divorce Cost in Bucks County?

The cost of a divorce depends on different factors, such as whether the divorce is:

  • Contested—A contested divorce implies that the parties disagree on terms such as alimony, asset and debt splitting, and child support. The complexity and the need for a lawyer affect the overall cost of a contested divorce, which can be around $13,000 for each party
  • Uncontested—An uncontested divorce occurs when the parties agree on all the terms of the divorce. This type of divorce will help you avoid hiring lawyers and attending court hearings, which means it will cost you significantly less than a contested divorce

The Duration of Divorce in Bucks County

It is hard to determine how long a divorce will last as the duration depends on the complexity of each case. Consider the following factors when predicting the duration of the divorce:

  • Type of marriage dissolution—A contested divorce will take longer because it typically involves numerous court hearings
  • Mediation—If you and your partner need help to solve your divorce-related issues, the process will last longer
  • Ability to settle all differences before filing for a divorce—If you and your spouse can agree on all the terms of your divorce before filing for it, the process will take less time to complete
  • Waiting period of 90 days—PA imposes a mandatory waiting period between the filing of the divorce papers and the final hearing. A judge can’t issue a Divorce Decree before that

Which Bucks County Divorce Forms Do You Need?

If you and your spouse have agreed to file for an uncontested divorce in Bucks County, the PA divorce forms you’ll need to file are as follows:

  • Notice to Defend and Divorce Complaint
  • Acceptance of Service
  • Certificate of Service
  • Divorce Decree
  • Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Affidavit of Consent of Plaintiff
  • Affidavit of Consent of Defendant
  • Waiver of Notice for Defendant
  • Notice of Intention to Request Entry of Section 3301, Divorce Decree, and Counter-Affidavit under 3301

Instructions on Filing for an Uncontested Divorce in Bucks County

Once you settle all the divorce issues with your spouse and collect the necessary divorce papers, you're ready to file for your friendly and uncontested dissolution of marriage. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create a divorce settlement agreement to spell out the terms of your divorce
  2. Fill out all the divorce forms you collected
  3. File the paperwork with the Court of Common Pleas
  4. Make copies of all the documents for both you and your spouse
  5. Serve the divorce papers to your spouse
  6. Wait for the defendant to file a response
  7. Attend a final hearing

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