Successfully Negotiate Your Debt With Bryan Carter and Co

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Successfully Negotiate Your Debt With Bryan Carter and Co

When you do not pay a balance you owe with a credit card, retailer, or other business, they have the right to sell off your account to a debt collection agency. When this happens, you may experience harassment over the phone or in the post from these agencies. They may make threats about your information and say things to persuade you to make a payment. There have been cases of debt collection agencies contacting account holders for invalid accounts. If you want to know more about the debt collection agency and if you have a valid account with them, let DoNotPay help you today.

Who is Bryan Carter and Co Debt Collection

Bryan Carter and Co Debt Collection was a company registered in the UK for debt collections. During the Pandemic, the company was absolved and all of the accounts were transferred to Lowell Solicitors. The accounts they took over are still active and there is still time to reach out for payments on the Bryan Carter and Co debt collection cases.

Why Are They Calling Me

If you had an account that was purchased by Bryan Carter and Co as being past due, then you may be receiving phone calls regarding this account. These phone calls are an attempt to collect the debt, and they are calling to get a payment from you right away. When they call you, you can expect them to take on a harassing tone and be aggressive in nature.

Are There Other Debt Collectors Like Bryan Carter and Co

There are several debt collectors in the UK that are similar to Bryan Carter and Co that will attempt to phone you or send letters in the post regarding an account balance.

These are some of the most common debt collection agencies that are also purchasing accounts and reaching out to holders through the phone or post to collect a debt.

Is Bryan Carter and Co Debt Collection a Scam

Bryan Carter and Co is not a scam company, but it is important to know that they are no longer in business. All of their accounts were liquidated and purchased, so you should not be getting calls beyond 2021 from someone saying they are with the Bryan Carter and Co company. If someone tells you they are a representative of this company, then you should not give them any further information.

How Do I Know If They Have Violated Your Rights

Despite the idle threats that many debt collectors like to make, you do have rights that the debt collector cannot violate in order to collect the debt. They have engaged in harassing behavior if they do the following:

  1. Contact you too early in the morning or too late at night.
  2. Attempt to contact you through any social media networks.
  3. Have more than one representative contact you consistently throughout the day.
  4. Notifying others about your debt without your permission, especially after they have established their identity.
  5. Making false identity claims about who they are and if they are a bailiff.

How Long Can Debt Collectors Collect Debt

In most cases, debt collectors only have six years to pursue you for the debt. After that time, the debt is no longer valid and they are no longer legally able to try and collect the debt. You can still pay it if you want to protect your credit, but the harassment should cease immediately after that time.

How To Make a Payment With Bryan Carter and Co

If you determine your account is legitimate with Bryan Carter and Co and need to make a payment, you can use the steps below:

  1. Make sure that you are actually making the payment to Lowell Financial since they now own all of the accounts.
  2. Phone them to make the payment at 0333 556 5835.
  3. Visit them online to pay through a secure portal at
  4. Pay with cheque through post to PO Box 1411, Northampton, NN2 1BQ
How to Reach Bryan Carter and Co
Phone0333 556 5835
Mailing AddressPO Box 1411, Northampton, NN2 1BQ

Depending on what option works for you, you can choose from one of the above to make your payment once you have confirmed that the account is valid and it is still within the six-year period.

DoNotPay Help See If Your Bryan Carter and Co Account is Meeting Compliance

If you want to confirm that your Bryan Carter and Co account is valid, then you can use DoNotPay to help you with that process below.

  1. Search "debt collection" on DoNotPay.

  2. Answer a series of questions about the debt collectors, including when you were contacted and how you were contacted, so we can determine if they have violated any debt collection laws.

  3. Decide which course of action you want to take based on our guidance, such as filing a debt verification request, demanding for the collectors to stop contacting you, or reporting them to a professional trade association.

DoNotPay Can Help With Other Tasks

Absolutely. After you have your account checked for compliance, you can use them for other things you may need such as the following:

DoNotPay strives to offer you easy options that are efficient and can be done anywhere.

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