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How to Connect With an Inmate at Brooklyn Detention Complex

The  was the original name of the Brooklyn Detention Complex. It is a correctional facility in Brooklyn, located at 275 Atlantic Avenue, at the juncture of Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, and Brooklyn Heights. New York's Kings County is home to the Brooklyn Detention Complex. Its single cells can contain up to 815 male inmates.

The jail is equipped with eight primary cells that can hold 759 people. For individuals on a bender, there are two sobering cells with a capacity of up to ten inmates. In addition, a separate holding room for juvenile arrestees is available in the NYC DOC – Brooklyn Detention Complex (BKDC).

Detainees through the intake process or awaiting trial in Kings, Staten Island, or Richmond counties make up most of the population. Inmates must go through the intake and booking process while jailed here.

The institution was built in the 1950s and closed in 2003 due to a decrease in the number of inmates. After improvements, it reopened in 2012 with 544 employees. In addition, New York City announced in 2017 that it would close the Rikers Island jails and replace them with a network of modern borough-based facilities. One of the facilities that would replace Rikers Island is the Brooklyn Detention Center, which is up to 40 floors tall.

Brooklyn Detention Complex Contact Information

If you prefer using public means to get to , then you need to be aware of all your options. The following public transportation lines run near Brooklyn Detention Complex.

  1. If you choose to use the bus, you can either choose  B62, B63, or B67.
  2. The FAR ROCKAWAY, HEMPSTEAD, LONG BEACH, RONKONKOMA, WEST HEMPSTEAD train lines pass near the facility.
  3. If you choose the subway, you can use the nearest lines: 5, A, C, F, or G, which are only a  walking distance to the facility.

The facility is at the junction of Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, and Brooklyn Heights.

Physical Address275 Atlantic Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone Number(718)-797-8347
WebsiteBrooklyn Detention Complex

How to Contact Inmates at Brooklyn Detention Complex

While it is hard to find your inmate roster on the internet, it is easier to contact the Brooklyn Detention Complex directly to determine if your kin or friend is detained there.

  • Visitations

The initial letter of the inmate's last name determines how often they get visited. You'll need to look at the current visiting schedule to see which days are available.

The time spent by the majority of inmates in the Brooklyn Detention Complex is limited, hence reducing the need for visitation, as the inmate will be arraigned in court in record time. Therefore, you have the chance of seeing them there or at the next stage, depending on the judge's decision.

The visiting hours at Brooklyn Detention Complex look like this:

Visiting Hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday - Sunday

  • Mail

Inmates at the NYC DOC - Brooklyn Detention Complex (BKDC) are not allowed to receive mail because of how the prison functions. Because the jail is a holding facility, detainees don't stay long; mail and packages aren't necessary.

  • Send Money

Inmates are not allowed to accept money while serving a jail term at the NYC DOC - Brooklyn Detention Complex (BKDC), just like they cannot receive mail or deliveries. However, because inmates will not be here for long, you can direct their money to their next stop, the county jail, if they do not find a bond dealer.

  • Calls

Inmates at the Brooklyn Detention Complex (BKDC) of the NYC DOC have access to a phone call; however, this is only available during the booking procedure when inmates are given one free phone call. Inmates must make the most of this opportunity because it is their last chance till their case progresses to the next stage.

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