How To Find Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

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Keep Fighting—Find the Best Breast Cancer Clinical Trials With Our Help

Breast cancer cases make 12% of all cancer diagnoses worldwide. In 2020, an estimated number of cases in the U.S. was 279,000. The number of deaths was a shocking 42,000. The grim statistics show that one in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her life. While men aren’t immune to this disease, the number is significantly lower—one in 1,000 falls victim to this disease.

Because of these worrying numbers, medicine needs new ways to fight breast cancer, and this is what clinical trials are for. Their purpose is to find more effective ways to:

  • Treat and cure breast cancer
  • Diagnose breast cancer properly
  • Prevent breast cancer
  • Improve the patients’ care and quality of life

Who Is Eligible To Participate in Clinical Trials for Breast Cancer?

The eligibility criteria are different for every clinical trial. The most common characteristics that the scientists and other health care professionals look for in test subjects are:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Medical history
  • Health condition
  • The specific stage of the disease

Every breast cancer clinical trial is different in terms of the subjects’ requirements. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you might be invited to participate in a clinical trial for breast cancer.

An example given by is the research that compares the effects of the aromatase inhibitor (the class of medications used in treating breast cancer) to those of tamoxifen (the estrogen receptor modulator used as a treatment for breast cancer in women and men).

You might meet the eligibility criteria if you:

  • Are a woman who went through menopause
  • Were diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer that’s positive to hormone receptions
  • Had surgery to take out the cancer
  • Were subject to chemotherapy
  • Weren’t subject to chemotherapy
  • Weren’t treated with tamoxifen already
  • Weren’t treated with any other hormonal therapy

Find the Best Breast Cancer Clinical Trial for You With DoNotPay’s Help

When you’re trying to find clinical trials that best suit your needs and condition, typing “clinical trials near me” might not be enough because the results will be too broad. This is why DoNotPay is the ultimate platform for finding medical surveys, paid psychological studies, and paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers—our tool is fully customizable and easy to use.

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If you decide to talk to your doctor before you apply for any studies, you can bookmark the clinical trials that caught your eye and find them later easily. This might also come in handy if the trial you like doesn’t recruit test subjects yet.

DoNotPay updates the clinical studies database constantly, and if you haven’t found anything interesting today, chances are you’ll find something tomorrow. To be up-to-date with the newest studies, sign up for real-time text notifications—we will ping you every time a new study appears.

What Are the Risks and Benefits of Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

As much as clinical trials can give you hope, you’ll need to be careful about the risks and benefits that come with participating in them. Before you decide to do anything, talk to your doctor.

In this table, you’ll find some of the risks and benefits of clinical trials:


  • You might not get the new drug—especially in randomized clinical trials—researchers might give you a placebo
  • The medication might not work on you, even if it does work on a different volunteer
  • Your standard treatment might be more effective than the new one
  • You could experience severe side effects, especially during the early phases of clinical trials—phases I and II
  • Doctors will have to monitor you closely, so you’ll probably have to come for more appointments than you normally would
  • The costs of the trial might not be covered by your health insurance—you should get informed about the cost before you decide to take part in a clinical trial


  • You may get the treatment that isn’t available in any other setting, but it can be effective for your condition
  • Healthcare that you get during a clinical trial may be free of charge or low cost
  • You might get compensation
  • The doctors will monitor you closely—you’ll probably get better medical care than you normally would
  • Participation in a breast cancer clinical trial might give you a sense of control over your illness
  • You’ll contribute to science and help medicine move forward

What Are Breast Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Trials?

Immunotherapy is the kind of therapy that helps the patient’s immune system to fight cancer by using substances to:

  • Stop cancer from spreading
  • Stop or slow the growth of cancer cells
  • Kill cancer cells

There are two main groups of immunotherapies:

  1. Active immunotherapies
  2. Passive immunotherapies

Active Immunotherapies

Active immunotherapies make your immune system respond to cancer cells. They stimulate your immune system to create an antigen response that targets your malignant cells. The most common examples of active immunotherapy are:

  • Adoptive cell therapy
  • Cancer vaccines

Passive Immunotherapies

Passive immunotherapies give your immune system “tools” to fight cancer. They don’t stimulate the immune system but create antibodies that your body uses to fight the disease.

The examples of passive immunotherapies are:

  • Cytokines
  • Immune checkpoint inhibitors

Immunotherapy is different from chemotherapy in the sense that chemotherapy attacks cancerous cells directly, while immunotherapy boosts your immune system and stimulates it to fight the cancer cells.

People who have triple-negative breast cancer are more likely to react adequately to immunotherapy. The only potential problem is that it might be too late for immunotherapy—it works best if administered early.

How To Find Clinical Trials for Breast Cancer Treatment Elsewhere

When you look for clinical trials by yourself, the safest option is to use official websites. But this might prove to be time- and energy-consuming. Official websites often have outdated search algorithms and are overburdened with requests, which lowers your chances of getting a prompt response.

You can find clinical trials for breast cancer on some of the following websites:

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