All You Need To Know About Breach of Contract in Virginia

Breach of Contract All You Need To Know About Breach of Contract in Virginia

Breach of Contract in Virginia Simplified by DoNotPay

A breach of contract occurs when a promisor fails to perform an obligation set by an agreement without a legal excuse. This article will explain all you need to know about a breach of contract in Virginia.

We will also discuss the available options you have to seek remedies and collect damages. The best way to make sure the breaching party takes you seriously is to send them a breach of contract demand letter. DoNotPay has a solution that will help you draw up a professional demand letter in minutes.

Breach of Contract in Virginia—The Basics

In Virginia, to prove that a breach of contract took place, the plaintiff has to provide evidence that the other party failed to carry out their end of the agreement without legal excuse. When providing proof, the plaintiff needs to focus on the following three elements:

  1. A legally enforceable agreement was made
  2. The promisor breached the contract
  3. The promisee suffered damages that the breach caused

Existence of a Legally Enforceable Agreement

The injured party needs to prove that the contract exists—i.e., that both parties agreed to its terms. If you have a written agreement, its existence will be easy to prove, but if the contract is oral, the process will be more difficult.

The Proof of the Promisor’s Breach

The promisee must prove that the promisor failed to complete their end of the agreement. You can do that by claiming a material breach.

Many disputes can arise when you try to prove breach of contract, like:

  • Who breached the contract first
  • What the disputed terms of the agreement mean
  • Whether the promisee waived the promisor’s breach by their own actions
  • Whether there was fraud in the moment of entering into the contract

Keep in mind that the promisor might use affirmative defenses to breach of contract by providing a valid legal reason as to why they did not fulfill what they promised.

Proving the Damages Made by the Breach

You will have to demonstrate that, due to the promisor’s failure to uphold their part of the agreement, you suffered losses. Once you prove this, you will be able to collect damages, which is usually done through payments.

Is Enforcing an Oral Contract Possible in Virginia?

If a contract contains offer, acceptance, and consideration, it’s enforceable. There are certain types of contracts that must be in writing for them to be enforceable under the Virginia Statute of Frauds, though. The agreements that this applies to are as follows:

  • Sale of real estate
  • A non-marital co-living arrangement
  • Lease of real estate for longer than one year
  • Promise by a person to be legally responsible for a debt of another
  • Ratification of an agreement by a minor
  • A contract that is impossible to perform within one year of the date when it was entered into
  • Agreement on consideration of marriage

How To Demand Compensation in Virginia

To seek compensation for a breach of contract in Virginia, you can choose one of the options from the table below:

Way of Seeking CompensationBrief Explanation
Draw up a demand letterYou need to be familiar with legal terminology to be able to create a demand letter by yourself. You will find plenty of demand letter templates, but they might prove lackluster as they are generic and lack the important, case-specific information you need your letter to cover
Hire a lawyerHiring a lawyer is the safest way to get a demand letter, but you should be prepared for sky-high fees
Sign up for DoNotPayOur user-friendly platform offers a product that draws up airtight demand letters with all the essential information you need

Draft Your Demand Letter in a Few Simple Steps With DoNotPay

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Sue the Breaching Party in Small Claims Court With DoNotPay

If the client decides to ignore your demand letter, you might want to escalate the matter. Our app can help you sue your client in small claims court.

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To get our assistance, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Sue Now tool
  2. Enter the amount of money you’re owed
  3. Select the Court Filing Forms option
  4. Describe the situation—why you are filing the lawsuit

Apart from filling out the necessary court forms, collecting all the required paperwork, and filing the claim in court, DoNotPay will produce a script of what you should say at your court hearing.

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