Are You Faced With a Breach of Contract in Michigan? Use DoNotPay To Tackle the Issue

Breach of Contract Are You Faced With a Breach of Contract in Michigan? Use DoNotPay To Tackle the Issue

Everything You Should Know About a Breach of Contract in Michigan

Has your client failed to complete the obligations listed in the contract? If so, you are dealing with a breach of contract and will likely suffer consequences if you don’t take immediate action. DoNotPay explains what steps to take against a breach of contract in Michigan because the related laws are state-specific.

We can also send a breach-of-contract letter of demand to the client or help you sue them in small claims court if necessary.

Michigan Breach of Contract Laws—What Is Considered a Breach?

A contract is a legally binding agreement between entities or individuals, and a breach of contract is a violation of one or multiple terms of the contract. It does not matter whether the breach is intentional—the law only looks at whether it has happened or not.

There are three most common types of contract violations you might come across:

What Are the Elements of a Contractual Breach in Michigan?

If you want to take legal action against the violating party, you must prove breach-of-contract elements. They can vary across the states, but in Michigan, you should offer evidence of the following:

  1. Existence of a contract between the parties
  2. Breach of contract by the other party
  3. Damage you suffered due to the breach

Proving the Existence and Validity of the Contract

It is necessary to prove that the contract was signed, or the breaching party can get away without suffering the consequences of their actions. The agreement can be in written or oral form, but it is easier to prove the existence and breach of the former.

A legally binding deal includes the following:

  • Consideration
  • Mutuality of agreement and obligation
  • Proper subject matter

Proving the Other Party Breached the Contract

A crucial point you need to prove is that the other party failed to fulfill their end of the deal causing material losses. This is what your demand letter or breach-of-contract lawsuit will be based on. You need to anticipate various defenses of breach of contract and how to fight them.

Proving You Suffered Losses Because of the Breach

It is essential to demonstrate that the violating party’s actions caused actual losses and negatively impacted your business. If you can prove the consequences of the defendant’s actions, the court will enforce a suitable breach-of-contract remedy.

Breach-of-Contract Remedies Available in Michigan

According to your contract terms, the court can award one of the following:

  • Compensatory damages
  • Specific performance
  • Rescission
  • Liquidated damages
  • Injunction
  • Restoration

Use DoNotPay To Draw Up a Letter of Demand

You should avoid composing the demand letter if you lack the required legal knowledge. Free online templates are generic and will also not bring satisfactory results. To create a demand letter, you can hire a lawyer and spend a small fortune on their services or turn to DoNotPay for help. We will make sure you get an airtight legal document in a matter of minutes.

Here is what you should do:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay
  2. Find the Client Breach of Contract product
  3. Answer some questions about the client and the agreement you had
  4. Include a payment deadline for the client
  5. Attach photos as evidence (if you have any)

Need To Escalate the Issue? Use DoNotPay To Sue the Violating Party in Small Claims Court

If the demand letter does not yield the desired results, you should escalate the situation further. DoNotPay, recognized by the Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access in 2020, can help you take the breaching party to small claims court without breaking the bank. Check out the table below for further details:

How DoNotPay Can HelpBrief Explanation
Gather the required paperworkEach state requires you to fill out different forms, and we will collect the ones for Michigan and ensure you have the necessary number of copies
Fill out the mandatory court formsCompleting the court forms properly is of utmost importance because your complaint can be dismissed because of a minor error. DoNotPay includes all the required info
Create a script for you to use in courtThe script contains persuasive arguments and a court strategy to follow. It will also explain how to identify the elements of your claim and what to say if the defendant doesn’t show up at the hearing
File the complaintWe will also make sure to file the complaint on your behalf

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Breach of Contract in Michigan?

You can only file a breach-of-contract lawsuit for a limited amount of time. It is crucial to respect the deadline because your case will be dismissed past that point. In Michigan, the statute of limitations for breach of contract is six years.

DoNotPay Helps You Do Everything by the Book!

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Running a Business Is Smooth Sailing With DoNotPay

DoNotPay has a solution for any business issue. We can help you:

  • Draw up a professional and convincing small business loan request letter and get the necessary funds for your business
  • Report unjustified negative reviews that could damage your brand until they are taken down
  • Request payment from clients who break the contract
  • Dispute chargeback requests when they are unfair
  • Send letters or paperwork without going to the post office

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